This Is What I Get For Sleeping Good

It’s autumn, and the weather is awesome, and I can venture outside again, without gasping from the humidity.  And because Kevin sleeps better when it’s cool in our room, I told him to leave the window open a few inches last night.  And then we both slept like the dead … until he got up and shut the window early this morning. Continue reading

Squeal Like A Pig

That’s what I just did when a gigantic spider just ran up my leg a little bit ago.  But apparently not loud enough for the neighbors to come knocking.  Aside from the sore throat I already have, which I just made worse with my shrieking, I also messed up my leg when I was trying to shake the hairy demon from my leg before it reached my shirt, which is un-tucked, which means it would’ve made it up under my shirt, and that would’ve meant my instantaneous death.

Now, I can’t find the beast, and I’m getting ready to mint/tea tree oil the hell out of my entire house.  And Kevin lied to me about the size of the spider.  This is a lot bigger than a damn quarter … unless this is a different spider, in which case I’m moving out until the snow flies.

Time to head to the store for some insect bombs … and a large bottle of tequila.