The Big sCare

Everyone at some point in their lives experiences a major health scare.  Some have more than one, while others deal with one right after another.  Whether the one scare turns out to be nothing, or a near death experience, it’s never easy.  It’s especially difficult for those who battle depression and anxiety, or those who cannot afford proper health care.  There’s always a fear of something disastrous happening to them.

Kevin has recently said that sometimes these scares can be wake-up calls.  A possible message from some higher power that says life is precious, and that it isn’t to be wasted sitting in a chair, fearing the what-if’s, or sleeping the day away.  Even more recent is the realization that it does no good to lose your shit over things that cannot be controlled, and things that have a solution, no matter how monumental they seem.

But even though I’ve come to the conclusion that freaking out accomplishes nothing, I’m almost numb, and prepared for a bomb to explode in my head if the news I’m waiting for is indeed bad.  That’s me, though.  I’m a worst case scenario kind of person, because life has given me a lot of f*cking lemons, and nobody ever gave me the damn recipe for lemonade, and the lemons are so sour that they’re probably not suitable for lemonade anyways.

At any rate, if you have a good life – and what I mean by good is a caring family, friends, a job where people don’t screw with your head, and a solid sense of self – cherish it, and don’t hesitate to enjoy the little things, and the big things, whatever those may be for you.

Finally, the secret to a happy life depends on one thing.  YOU.

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