Crazy Dreams

Better late than never.  I got sidetracked most of today.  But I haven’t forgotten about last night’s dreams.  They were awesome and messed up at the same time, and they involved some seriously famous people.


I’m having a hard time remembering the beginning and the end, but I’ll do my best to put things in correct order.

I started out at my aunt and uncle’s house.  There was a massive family reunion there.  Like, hundreds of people were there.  I think it was a last hurrah kind of thing, because people who haven’t been there for years were there – even people who were ‘divorced’ from the family.

And because I was uncomfortable with some of the people there, I decided to go explore the trails on my aunt and uncle’s property – at night, like an idiot – and see if I could find something fun to do, like shoot off some fireworks my uncle had stored up at the cabin by the fishing pond.

On the way up to the fishing pond – which was about a mile walk – I ran into Sam and Dean from Supernatural.  They were plotting to destroy a nearby vampire nest.

Castiel was in the background, trying to convince them that it was going to go badly, until I came along.  Then Cas decided to make sure I made it back safely to my aunt and uncle’s, which was now further than I realized.  Except we didn’t quite make it.

Me and Cas wound up on a boat in the river that ran parallel to my uncle’s property, and we wound up in a cave, where there was a secret room with cots for campers.  We ‘spent the night’, and in the morning, we figured out that Sam followed us, making sure we were safe.  But Sam didn’t know what happened between me and Cas.

And then Clif (the irl bodyguard for the actors who play Sam and Dean) showed up, threatening to kill me and Sam.  Me for seducing Cas, and Sam for allowing it to happen.  But when Dean showed up demanding his car (which apparently Sam stole to follow me and Cas into the cave), things got really ugly, and Clif sent me on my merry way, by myself to find my way back to my aunt and uncle’s, without Sam, Dean, or Cas.

I guess I went way too far, and wound up eight houses away from my aunt and uncles.  Thankfully a nice girl and her mom knew my uncle and where he lived, and they pointed me in the right direction.

By the time I found my way back, the family reunion was about finished, with the exception of a few rock bands playing for a few select people along the wood line, where Ozzy was the closing act.

And because I’ve always loved Ozzy, of course I had to stay, and try to get his attention.  Lucky for me he needed my help with his wardrobe.  Cutie patootie and his sexy dimples couldn’t resist lil’ old me and my fluttering eyelashes. Ozzy is almost 70, but when he smiles, it makes my heart go pitter patter every single time.

Too bad I’ve never seen him in concert.  Maybe in the next life.

Then my damn phone buzzed with a notification, sleep time was over, and so were my dreams.  But that’s fine, because it was almost NOON!

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