Bread Broke Me

Have you ever compiled a playlist, and you’re adding songs, going “OOOH, that’s a good one” and “OOOH, that one too!”, and before you know it you have over 200 tracks that are 30+ years old? 
But then, when you listen to the playlist, and a certain song comes on, you completely lose your shit.

And then you’re sprinting for a box of tissues to wipe away the flood that’s pouring down your cheeks because that one song gets you … every single damn time.

And because that song evokes a slew of sad thoughts, like when your mom died, your dad was at her side, holding her hand when she took her last breath, but he missed it because he was so exhausted that he dozed off for five minutes … you just can’t stop!

And then you’re sobbing uncontrollably because the next song that plays is another sad song!!!!!  WHO MADE THIS PLAYLIST?!?!  And why was the 70’s such a depressing decade for music???

I’m a glutton for punishment, and I guess a good cry has been in the works for a while.  I needed it.  Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.

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