Taco Bell It Is!

Last night’s brief dream was extremely frustrating.  Nobody could understand what I was saying.  Maybe it was because I was trying to order dinner from McDonald’s, and I’m not supposed to have it, and they knew.

I wanted a filet o’fish sandwich and some other stuff I can’t remember.  I mainly wanted the fish, and some iced tea.  But when the window person shouted “Can you repeat?  The computer didn’t understand what you were saying!”, I started shouting.  And this went on about five or six times.

“I just want a damn fish sandwich!!!  Is that so difficult???”  Apparently it was, because the computer wasn’t putting the order through, and the girl at the ordering window started laughing hysterically because MAJOR SNAFU. 

So much for my fish sandwich.  “Do you have chicken strips???”  Well here comes the manager.  “Sorry, miss.  You need to leave the premises.  You’ve managed to scramble our computer system with some weird frequency on your blue tooth ear piece.”

Then the FBI showed up, and started chasing me in circles around McDonald’s for a good hour …. until I hit 88 miles per hour.  Apparently they thought I was a spy/hacker.

I’m not going to McDonald’s for a long time.


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