The Internet Trolled Me

But then again, it’s not hard to troll me.  I’m gullible.  Especially when … never mind.  I’m gullible all the time.  And when I’m searching for things on the internet, I tend to click on the wrong things, like when I was searching to Dick’s Sporting Goods website.  THAT quickly ended with completely unplugging the entire computer, due to the hundreds of porn windows instantly exploding all over my monitor. 

Kevin’s reaction was priceless.  Don’t ever visit ….. unless you’re in the privacy of your own room, away from children, with an incognito tab open, and you have a VPN.

But I digress.  This isn’t about porn.  It’s about how I mistakenly thought someone was much older than they look.

I just discovered a new violinist today as I was watching the latest from TwoSetViolin on YouTube.  And then I fell into the pit of watching a few videos by this young man.

And of course, the cougar that I am, I had to know who he was and how old he is.  So, I searched Bing, my preferred search engine.

In the middle of multitasking, I switched tabs to go back to finding out more about this cutie, and saw an entry that says he’s 41 years old.  And I was like

A loud “WHAT?!?!” escaped my mouth, followed by “What kind of genetics does he have???”.  But then I realized I was looking at a doctor’s profile, and then I breathed a little easier.  Turns out he’s 32.  Back to feeling like a cougar again.  Maybe I should refine my searches with more keywords.

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