My Head Exploded

Just when you think you’re clear of f*cked up, along comes an interactive experience that messes you up worse than the most recent season of American Horror Story.

I’m speaking, of course, of Bandersnatch on Netflix.  And without throwing out a bunch of spoilers, let me just say it’s not for those who get headaches just from breathing the wrong way – or clicking the wrong way.

Previous to that mess, I watched Birdbox, which thank GOD it had the ending it did, because I was about to say screw this about three quarters of the way through.  But then my daughter convinced me to keep watching.  So I broke out the coffee, and hung on for dear life to my sanity, praying it wasn’t going to be another shitty ending like The Mist, which really pissed me off.

Thanks to Bandersnatch, my head is now throbbing, and I still have dinner dishes to clean up.  After that, I’m turning off all the lights, and plugging into some ASMR.  I can’t imagine what kind of dreams I’m going to have tonight.

Pass the aspirin.

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