I’m Doing It All Wrong

Dealing with stress and anxiety have multiple complex levels.  All of which feel like an eternity of hell for those who live with either or both.  But what if there are simpler ways – besides pills & therapy – to help with things like fear, or anger?  Ways you never even thought would help.

Oh, GOD, I love slime.

As some know, I dabble in crafty things, such as scrapbooking, crochet, knitting, coloring, and an occasional sketch or ten.  Fancy doodling is more my forte in the sketching department.  People sometimes like to color my oddball pieces.  But I digress.

The above are just a few tools I resort to when dealing with stress and anxiety.  But how does one deal with anger?  Go for a run?  That’s not an option at the moment.  When I posted on social media that I really wanted a husky, a friend asked “Do you like running?“.  After I slumped in defeat, I answered “I don’t even walk.  I’d better look for an ankle biter who prefers the indoors.”

But until I can take care of myself again, there will be not pets in the foreseeable near (or far) future.  At least not until I can get my depression under control.  In the meantime, I continue to sit on my ass – and fingers when I see something online which angers me – and gain weight while I comb the web for inspiration and motivation.

Today sparked some motivation to continue with my many unfinished crochet projects.  All thanks to Jenny Lawson and her love of stabbing things when she’s struggling.  Perhaps it might become one of my things in the near future.  I get sidetracked too easily, and I tend to not finish things.  Simple is the best way for me right now.

Meanwhile, here is a really cool example of Jenny’s latest creations.

Image ©Jenny Lawson here.

Now that my inspiration & motivation meters are back in the positive end of the scale, I’ll brew a coffee, and cuddle up with my crocheting.  It’s too cold outside to go anywhere, and Netflix is calling my name.

PS: Actually, Samyang’s nuclear fire noodles are calling my name, but I must wait for dinner, because that’s what Kevin wants for dinner, and I’m not complaining.  So maybe I’ll save the popcorn for after dinner, when I’ll probably be watching another movie while I crochet until my fingers cramp.

I won’t use PPS, so here goes.  I still don’t know how to do a pingback, or properly use someone else’s blog post within my own, so Jenny, or whoever knows Jenny and you’re reading this, I apologize if I did it wrong.  If there’s an issue, please contact me here, and I’ll fix it.  I’m still a noob at the whole blogging thing.  Please don’t make a design of my face and stab me.




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