Winds of STRANGE

Strange dreams, that is.  But that’s typical on my side of the bed.  Once again in the morning hours after my son left for school.  It never fails.  But, it’s probably better than dealing with scary in the wee hours of the night, when my husband is trying to sleep.  He isn’t too thrilled with me when I yell several times in the middle of the night. Continue reading

Unsettling Patterns of Recurrence

Recurring dreams are normal.  That’s why there are books about dreams.  But do any of those books explain why those recurring dreams happen?  Maybe it’s time to get a more detailed book about dreams, and the psychology behind them.  Perhaps it’ll help with my mild insomnia, and I’ll get better sleep.

In the past, tornadoes were a regular part of my nightly struggle.  Then there was the occasional being locked in a department store overnight, and driving off the edge of the earth at the top of a hill in the dark, or falling asleep at the wheel driving at high speeds.

More recently, maybe over the course of ten years, the nightmares include the rare monster, growling directly in my ear as it chases me, fighting a demon trying to possess me as I ramble prayers in my sleep, and dying/fighting death.

Since my dad passed away in 2014, both of my parents have frequented my dreams, almost nightly in the past year.  And now, my mom and grandmother have taken to picking at every little thing I do, and constantly yelling at me in my dreams.  It’s not just them, either.  Other relatives show up in my dreams, and have been yelling at me for dumb shit.

But now I’m yelling back.  With extreme vulgarities, to boot.  Mainly I’m telling everyone to shut the fuck up and listen to me when they start telling me I’m doing something wrong, when I’m not.  It’s seriously unsettling – the part where they’re yelling at me all the time.  I mean, what the hell did I ever do to them when they were alive?

Then last night, my mom had someone in the house, helping her arrange things so that she was more organized, and this person started accusing me of something that was impossible, and I had the proof to prove her wrong, and then she came after me, and I wound up running 30 miles to a store to hide in their bathroom.  But she found me anyways, and proceeded to scream in my face about making a fool of her in front of my mom.

The rest of last night involved more damn tunnels, and packing laundry up for moving.  The tunnels were the only safe means of travel, as there were riots in the streets, and I kept losing my clothes in the tunnels because if you didn’t move fast enough, snakes would come along and strangle you to death.

I have to admit, I was almost thankful for waking up to another asthmatic episode this morning.  I’m not sure how many more tunnels and screaming matches I could take.

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