Careful What You Snort

I don’t snort anything except for my nasal inhaler for my allergies.  I can’t stand anything going up my nose, ever since having a test done when I was 19, and the ear/nose/throat doctor shoved a camera up my nose and down my throat while I was awake.  THAT was a sucky day.

Anyway, yesterday I received a shipment of super fine powdered shimmery mica.  It’s a nice white pearlescent color.  I’ll be using it for my bath bombs.

Meanwhile, another one of my whacked dreams happened, and it involved the white mica.  But first, let me tell you something.  My package was wrapped in such a way, I’m surprised customs didn’t confiscate it.  Even I was worried to open it at first.  And when I did, I regretted not buying face masks.

So in my dream, there was a huge graduation party, and all of my high school friends were there, and then some.  As a prank, I put the mica in a bag, and made like we were going to have a bitchin’ party.  I suddenly had a bunch of new best friends, and I was the most popular person on the planet.

The hilarious part was, people fell for it, and a bunch of people were passed out f*cked up on my living room floor.  It was hard not to laugh, but I kept playing my prank, until my true best friend showed up in my room all green, choking up a lung.

“What the hell did I just smoke?  It tastes like glitter and now I can’t breathe.”

Worst part is, aside from thinking my friend was going to die, another friend found out, and nearly all of the mica was consumed, and she threatened to call the cops if I didn’t clear out.

Party was over, and I woke up.

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