One More Day

Then all alarms can be shut off.  The earbuds can go it for all night ASMR, and there will be no worries if an occasional call to Prince Trazadone is needed.  Can you say see you next week???  At least it isn’t addictive.  But what about the side effects, like weird dreams?  Thanks, doc!  They’re already weird.

But they haven’t been as weird in the past few days.  THANK LORD.  It wears thin after a while.  And whenever my parents appear in my dreams, I either wake up sobbing, which completely wrecks the day, or I’m angry, or in an empty funk.

Ambien is a no go, because I need sleep.  Not sleepwalking.  I had a friend who completely rearranged her kitchen spices in her sleep.  Talk about scary, yet comical af!

The only drawback about sleeping so soundly is pee.  Not that I pee the bed, but walking crossed legged to the bathroom when you’re half asleep isn’t exactly an easy task.  Especially when you’re on the far side of the room, and you have to walk around the bed, in between furniture, with only a foot to spare, and you’re walking sideways to avoid stubbing toes or hitting elbows on dressers.

At any rate, I’ve started a new regimen(t?) of meds, and I’m slightly nervous.  I’ve already had 2 anxiety attacks this morning, and my appetite took a nosedive.  I was expecting the appetite thing.  I guess it’s common for the 1 medication.  But, if it works, the mild side effects will be worth getting out of my funk.

We will see.


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