Too Many Secrets

You may be wondering where this title came from, and why I’m using it.  It stinks that it needs to be used, because talent should be shared.  Not hidden.  But that’s alright, because there are so many platforms to save things on, it would take an army to have everything removed.

That said, the title is a quote from the film Sneakers.  It’s quite fitting at the moment because so many lovely videos are being taken down, channels either taken down by YouTube/Google, or creators deleting their channels because they get angry about others using their videos for fan dedications.

Such a shame.

Finally, I will no longer be including certain videos in my occasional blurbs about a few artists, unless they are official – for obvious reasons which give my eyeballs quite a workout from rolling them.

Anyway, I’m outta here for now.

Good night.


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