My Big Fat Greek Dream

I’m not sure what triggered this dream.  Quite possibly the gummy bears I ingested last night before bed.  But that’s fine.  I slept good, and the dream happened very early this morning.

But why was I dreaming about getting married?  I’m already married.  This has happened before.  I don’t like it.  Maybe I’m trying to relive my youth?

I don’t know who I was marrying in my dream, but he was Greek, and his family was huge.  But I had all the same people in my wedding party.  The ceremony was so serious, since it was in an orthodox church.  And for some reason, the priest decided he was going to give me communion.  BOY were there some angry old Greek women on the groom’s side.  “But she’s ROMAN CATHOLIC.”

Right at the part where I was supposed to say ‘I do’, the groom told me “You don’t have to do this”.  Um……………………wtf?  And then I was relieved because I could go back home to Kevin.  But not before I had a party with everyone first.  The Greeks did not want to waste any of their food.  Or their ouzo, which I quickly got hosed from one shot, and everyone celebrated by dancing in circles, shouting all kinds of Greek cheers at me for doing the right thing – not marrying their son because I’m not Greek.

After all the drinking, I had to go back to the groom’s house to take off my gown.  There were a lot of family there, and I had no clothes to wear.  Thank God my almost sis-in-law had some clothes, and I could go out drinking with some friends.  Except her clothes were size 6, and I needed size 10 (if only that were for REAL).

After I managed to squeeze into everything, I hustled out the front door to meet my ride to the local pub.  But I was suddenly in London, and the drivers were insane, taking me through narrow side streets in the middle of the night, flying across rickety bridges.

Then there was more food at the pub, and somehow I wound up with a mountain of food on a tiny saucer.  These Greeks just wouldn’t stop feeding me … until my bladder woke me up.

Thanks to giphy for the gifs.

Now, it’s lunch time, and can you guess what I’m having???

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