How Do I Write This?

It’s difficult to write about sensitive subjects, even though we are living in more accepting times.  Well, a lot more accepting than say 50 years ago.  Or maybe just a little bit.  This isn’t easy, given I’m a bi-curious married female with children.  And I’m not afraid to admit it anymore.  All thanks to Daniel Howell’s recent coming out video.

Just the other day, YouTube icon Daniel Howell delivered a very important, heartfelt message to the world.

Why is it important?  There are at least a thousand reasons.  Most importantly, equality.  However a person identifies, or whatever their sexual preference (it’s really nobody’s damn business), they are human.

They’re just like everyone else.  They have emotions, they contribute to society, they raise children, etc.  YET, they’re still labeled and kept under a stinking microscope.  As Dan states in his video, why are people obsessed with sex?

First of all, being a little more than curious about sex in general is one thing.  Exploring different things is fine.  So is fantasy – on a healthy level.  Hell, I was a pervy little Catholic school girl, too curious for her own good at the young age of 11.  My poor parents – RIP.

Obsessing over someone else’s sexual details is not healthy.  As many would say, T M I.  WHY ON EARTH does anyone need a blow by blow breakdown of someone’s 1 or 2 hour romp with their partner?

But more importantly, sex is a private thing, not to be shared.  It’s an intimacy between two people.  End of discussion.

Onto something much more important.

A person’s sexual preference or how they identify has nothing to do with the person they are.  Imagine finding out your favorite doctor or teacher isn’t heterosexual, or that they are trans.  They’re still the same person.  They’re still professional people, and they have nothing to do with your personal life.

What about your best friend, who just came out to you?  I don’t think I need to elaborate on that, because if you ditch your best friend, then you’re a phobic idiot.

It’s so important to teach today’s youth about acceptance and equality.  I don’t even want to know how many suicides are the result of bullying.  It’s outrageous that society allows this to happen.  The fear and judgement need to stop.


Howell candidly reveals in the above video about his suicide attempt.  It stunned many, and brought tears to my eyes.  I can’t imagine a world without people like Dan Howell.

On a brief religious note, God, or who/whatever created us, did not intend for us to judge.  Say for a moment that the Christians are right, and there is a God, Jesus is divine, etc. etc.  Judging others in the name of God is strictly forbidden. There’s no need to say anything more on that.


Sorry.  ‘Meanwhile’ is more than 6 letters.  And before you judge me for saying there are 6 colors in the rainbow, it’s what I was taught in school, 40 fucking years ago.  Where the hell did indigo come from?

I digress.

Can I just shout out how PROUD I am of Dan?  I can’t tell you the massive breath of relief I released when that YouTube notification pinged my phone!  Not to mention the excitement and slight worry, because I really didn’t know what to expect in a 45 minute masterpiece (as his best friend Phil Lester said on Twitter).

After several viewings, it has really sunk in just how troubled Dan’s life has been.  Being in the public eye makes life all the more difficult when you’re struggling with mental health and demons.

I applaud and hug you tightly, Dan.  A mom hug.  Thank you for having such courage to return with such a huge statement.  And thank you for having the courage to exist.  Your fans love you!


Never forget, you can’t help who you fall in love with.


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