Closer To Closure

Sometimes talking & getting things off your chest truly is the best way to start feeling better about whatever is troubling you.  All it takes is that first step in getting help, and it gets easier & easier.

Yesterday wasn’t as bad as my first meeting with a grief counselor.  The first time was terrifying.  I don’t like crying in front of people except for my immediate family.  Even then, it makes me feel weak & helpless.

BOY, did I cry.  And I ugly cried through my 2nd and 3rd meeting.

I used to feel like it’s useless to cry, because no matter who it is, when you cry in front of them, they also feel helpless, and often times don’t know the right words to say.

But now, I have some very helpful tools to work with, now that I’ve gotten nearly everything out of my system.  They’re quite surprising, and I never would’ve thought of these things on my own.

Journaling & writing letters to your deceased and/or estranged loved ones are one of the tools I’ve been told are very helpful.  Going to your local place of worship & lighting a candle for them is also another way to alleviate some of the pain.  Prayer is strong.  Even if you don’t believe in anything, it still leaves you feeling a bit lighter when you’re done.

It’s surprising how extended grief can break a person down little by little.  Add in clinical depression not related to that grief is quite possibly the darkest place a person can be – especially when self destructive coping mechanisms are involved.

That said, I’m hoping to get back on track with my blog, and keep my mind busy during my healing journey.

Peace & love



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