Baby It’s GROSS Outside (part 2?)

I may or may not have used that title before.  I can’t bloody remember because my memory is crap.  But that’s fine.  I’ll slap a part 2 next to it.  And yes.  It’s gross outside.

Our window a/c units are working overtime, and I’m afraid of our next electric bill.  It’s probably going to break the bank.  Some people can’t handle anything above 75 in the house.  Including myself.  Upstairs, forget it.  My kids will die without a/c.  Well, maybe not my son, since he insists on wearing a hoodie around the house because he’s always cold.

I was really hoping to get some sun this year without dying from heat stroke, which I’ve had 3 times in my life.  Living near the great lakes sucks.  I’m convinced our humidity tends to be higher – with the exception of Florida & coastal states.

Meanwhile, the other day I randomly started singing ‘Silver and Gold’ while I was making a batch of bath bombs.  My daughter was at the table, and she was like

“Do I have to tell Aunt B?”  Since Christmas is my least favorite holiday,

it came as a shock to her when I started singing.  But I wasn’t singing in the spirit of Christmas.  I was just singing about silver & gold because I was about to paint some of my bath bombs silver & gold.

And in case you’re wondering why the hell I’m taking baths while Satan’s breath is in the air, I take tepid baths.  Sometimes a notch cooler than tepid.  And I don’t mind one bit.  It’s relaxing, and I can breathe.  There’s nothing worse for an asthmatic with high blood pressure than a steamy bathroom.

Wait … what was the point of this post?  Crap.  I completely forgot.  My brain melted yesterday when I went outside.


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