I Was In Greece!

For approximately 45 minutes … in REM cycle … until my daughter barged in and ripped me from deep sleep, yelling


And I may as well have had this happen, because the jarring feeling was the same.

Meanwhile, now that I’m sitting at my laptop having a glass of diet cola (more caffeine than coffee) because the beast wants me to go shopping right away, I need to at least feel 50% human before leaving my house.  Otherwise there may be some casualties along the way.  Including myself because I’ll have died from a heart attack because I’m not used to moving for the first 2 hours when I wake up.

Oh, and my dreams – they were once again 100% Greek.  But I can’t remember a thing because when my daughter woke me up, my brain blew up, and I lost everything except for the Greek part.

Now … I need to work on de-zombifying myself.

Thanks to giphy for the gifs.




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