About Mamacita


Welcome to my new site – something I’ve been debating about doing since deleting my original blogs (Saying Everything and Living Through My Music) late August 2016. …. It’s complicated.

I’m currently a stay at home mother, with nothing better to do than to listen to music and think about things I’d like to do, like writing, photography, and seeing my favorite musical acts in concert.  The latter doesn’t happen often, since I don’t really like to leave my house, and I hate (more like my husband hates!) spending money I/we don’t have.  Which brings me back to desperately trying to find a small gig of sorts.

Being out of the general work force for 10+ years often raises doubt in an employer’s mind.

Lately I’ve taken to watching two adorable dorks on YouTube (who I had the rare luxury of meeting!!!!!!!), and furiously writing ideas for a book, in a notebook …. offline, whilst slowly building up to a couple of other things.  Things take time.  And boy, do I have time.

Meanwhile, music is like my air, and two artists provide that air for me – one of them is my sunshine/vitamin D.  Maybe I’ll blog about them once I awhile.  I used to blog a LOT about them, along with my other content, which, to be quite honest made no sense half the time.  But then again, my brain makes no sense.  That’s what happens when you suffer from anxiety and depression – and mild insomnia.

And if anyone tells me I shouldn’t talk about my health issues, they can just keep scrolling.

If public self deprecation (mixed with what I consider humorous) helps me cope, then I’m going to do it.  IDGAF what anyone says.  And if you don’t know what that means, head on over to Urban Dictionary.  I’m sure most of the brain stabbing terms will have anyone running for holy water.

Meanwhile, thank you for visiting, enjoy reading (hopefully?), and please, try not to take everything literal or read too much into what I write.  Some of it is for fun, and sometimes I just like to write things that people might relate to.