Like A Rock

That’s how I slept last night.  No dreams that I can recall.  It only took going to an outdoor concert in the middle of nowhere.  And can I say how unusual it is that I don’t recall any dreams this time?  I always have dreams about any concert I attend.

The drive to the venue was nothing less than a scene out of Wrong Turn, and directly from my recurrent nightmares.  And all I can say is plan your route well in advance.  Especially when heading into the hills.

A better GPS app is definitely a must.  But always make sure the route is optimal.  Otherwise, you might wind up tossing your cookies because you’re suddenly in east scream worthy lost-ville.  Then you’re worrying whether or not a cannibal will run out in the middle of the very narrow road, jump on your car, and take you away.

Why did I almost toss my cookies?  Because me and my daughter decided to make things simple.  We split a fast meal from McNasty’s before heading to see 30 Seconds To Mars.  And because of the route the GPS app gave us – which was the fastest route – we wound up on roads which were basically a roller coaster … for a solid 20 miles.

When we got to the concert venue, we immediately agreed that we would take the other way back, paying the interstate toll, because there was no way we were taking those back roads home at 11:30 at night.  We might’ve never gotten home… …

Scary af back roads and sweltering heat aside, the concert was great!  There were 3 opening acts.  But because I was there for the Leto boys, I had never heard of the opening acts, until my daughter mentioned this popular tune.

OOO! OOOH! I know this one!  The entire crowd was on their feet for the entire Walk The Moon set.  Joy Wave and MisterWives were really great as well!

But when it was time for 30 Seconds To Mars to take the stage, my daughter kept teasing me. “No crying when Jared Leto comes out on that stage.  I swear to GOD!”

Of COURSE I cried!  I’ve only waited for forever to see them!  What did you expect?  I cried for David Garrett too.  But that’s a different story.  He stole my heart with his talents.  Jared Leto, well, I don’t think I need to explain myself.  He’s just this big ball of energy whose eyes penetrate your soul.  And he can f*cking sing.

Dear Jared, can you bottle that energy up, and sell it?  Depression always steals mine.

The show was amazing.  When Jared asked how many people were there for their first 30 Seconds To Mars show, the amount of hands raised shocked me.  And when Jared said “What the f*ck took you so long?”, all I could do was laugh and agree.

Going home was interesting.  Given how out of shape my lazy ass is, it took me a little bit to climb a small hill to get back to the parking lot – my annual cardiac stress test, imo. I’m pretty sure I lost a lot of electrolytes throughout the night which didn’t help matters.  Those who have had heat stroke or heat exhaustion will understand how it leaves you more susceptible to future episodes.

But the heat wasn’t the worst.  As I made my way up the hill, three drunks fell over each other, and I followed suit.  I swear one of them stuck their foot out on purpose.  Needless to say, OTC analgesics are my best friend today for bruises, body aches, & dehydration headaches.  Jared & Shannon Leto were worth it though.

Time for more water.  Maybe a 20 minute cat nap to refresh.  Heat exhaustion sucks.




Renewed Breath

Unexpected voice
T’was a long wait
Months of unease
With uncertain fate

Many incomplete
With a lingering void
Feeling perplexed
But never annoyed

With broad absence
Whispers may linger
Floating like clouds
Hushed with a finger

Up from the ashes
Perceived by many
A rare appearance
Air is now plenty

Great appeasement
With a few words
Whole once again
Free as a bird




I cannot express how worried all of David’s fans have been.  This recent message has lifted many doubts and eased a lot of strong concern.  Many thanks to David and his team for all of the updates.  David’s video message was a very nice surprise, and I think most fans might agree when I say I can breathe again, knowing that he is okay.

The above simple poem is just my way of expressing how worried fans have been.

Secret Secret

Don’t shoot me.  I’m about to share something so exciting, had I been there to see it live, I would’ve completely lost my mind with tears of joy – and probably would’ve lost my voice.

Last night at Five Point Ampitheater in Irvine, CA, Styx stunned the crowd with a huge surprise encore.  I just literally found out a few minutes ago on a private fan site, where a link to a live video was shared.

At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.  But when I started reading the comments – “fake news” , “Tommy HATES that album.  He’d never ever play it” , “It didn’t happen” – I realized just how many Styx fans jumped on Tommy’s old bandwagon.

While I never understood Tommy’s dislike for Kilroy Was Here, I can’t be angry with his opinion.  To each their own.

MY only regret is that I never planned to see Styx this year.  It just isn’t in my budget.  And now I’m crying because they’re playing my favorite Styx song ever.  I really want to see it live, even though it’s not Dennis DeYoung singing it.  Lawrence is an amazing vocalist, and he did an outstanding job performing it last night.

Here’s the original with Dennis DeYoung on lead vocals.


And here is last night…



Only one artist makes me beg.  For what, I don’t know.  For more music maybe?  I’m not sure I’ll ever know, but every single time I listen to David Garrett, or watch a video of him, or see him live, ‘PLEASE‘ is always on repeat in my mind.

A true David Garrett fan might agree to all of the above statements.

Since a recent herniated disc, fans have been concerned and anxiously awaiting any news of his return to the stage.  His talents will never be forgotten, and his fans are vigilant.

That said, after an extended weekend away, I am now settling back into routine with David Garrett’s music.  If you’ve never experienced crossover classical / rock music, I highly recommend this young man.  He is very charismatic, and once you discover who he is, I guarantee you’ll be hooked … line and sinker.

Crazy In Love

Pure enticement
Begin with a stroke
Can’t resist
That which provokes

Take in hand
The object of desire
Just warming up
Fingers afire

The pulling of hair
Across steel cores
There’s no denying
You’ll beg for more

Back and forth
With steady pace
Increasing speed
The heart will race

That amazing thrill
When the end is near
Undeniable eruption
You’re sure to hear