A Positive Vibe

German violinist David Garrett is receiving many of them, as well wishes and positive messages are received daily.

In a recent unfortunate health situation, Mr. Garrett’s management have reluctantly cancelled a fair amount of performances.  Fans are worried, yet hopeful for a speedy recovery.

Spine issues are nothing to ignore.  I speak from experience.  Between a herniated lumbar disc when I was pregnant with my daughter (she’s 20 now), and degenerative arthritis in the cervical spine, sometimes even the simplest of daily tasks are a challenge.

I can’t imagine playing the violin with those issues.

It’s a frightful thing to wake up with no feeling in your leg or arm.  It’s even worse when you can’t move your head, and it’s accompanied by burning ‘pins and needles’ pain that radiates right to your fingertips.

Even worse is how cervical spine issues can agitate things like tinnitus and vertigo.

But thankfully, there are miracle workers out there.  They’re called chiropractors and osteopaths.  I’m confident Mr. Garrett is receiving the best medical treatment.

Meanwhile, it is my hope that most of the fans are patient.  I don’t often view the comments section of his social media accounts, but it’s almost certain there is speculation and uncertainty.  I avoid that at all costs, tbqh.

Whilst we’re all waiting and praying for our favorite violinist, let’s enjoy a video or two from the vast plethora (is that redundant?) available on the interwebs.


Don’t forget to check out his other YouTube channel as well.

And finally, I wish to extend my get well soon wishes to David.  We love you, Maestro.  ♥



Trilled and Thrilled

I try not to start an entry with ‘OH MY GOD!!!‘, but I just can’t help myself. WordPress has given me one of the best one word prompts ever!

I think I’ve blogged about this before, but hey. Why not again? I mean, it’s only one of my favorite pieces for the violin. Might I add that it’s one of my top 3 pieces that my favorite violinist performs.

Here is Devil’s Trill Sonata, by Giuseppe Tartini – performed by David Garrett.

And now, here is a full version.

It sends me to the stratosphere EVERY … SINGLE … TIME.

Whether or not you’re a classical music enthusiast, this young man could very well turn you on to it. Did I just say that???

I apologize … for nothing. He does it for me. My husband always says I go through phases, where I get fixated on one artist or another for a couple of years, and then move onto the next.

Not in this case. There is no end in site where David Garrett is concerned. Only one other artist has held my heart for any length of time. It is a true mark of talent.

Forgive Me

On my old blog, I used to post about David Garrett a lot. I can’t help it. People have no clue how often I’m tempted to blog about him on a daily basis. But, I need to keep a little variety on this new blog. Hence the reason why I’m writing about David right now, in light of my daily dream journal and the daily prompts.

I’ve seen this man in concert three times, and met him twice. I know it’s probably cliché to say this, but there really are no words when it comes to David and his talents.

I chose this example so that those who do not know of David can hear how truly talented he is, without his band backing him on stage.

I’ve been doing my best to distract myself from constantly listening to his music and wondering when he’ll return to North America for a tour, but I’m failing. MISERABLY. His music and charisma are like a drug. There can never be enough.

I’ll close with another fine example of the crossover music he performs …

… and a plea …

Please, David. I’m not sure how it works with your labels, but please please, I’m begging. Come back to America.

Oh, Daddy

Hidden in depths
Of wonder and shame
Song will evoke
Something not tame

New revelation
Spinning the gears
Repressed inclinations
Stronger than fear

Bring forth the dark
With harness and chain
Drive to the edge
With a hint of pain

Close to the crest
Taking a pause
Repeating process
Just because

Locked in seclusion
A pining soul aches
For all eternity
Until it breaks

The First Thing

that comes to mind when I see today’s one word ‘riff’ prompt is this man’s talent.

I’m not very well versed when it comes to reviewing extraordinary music. I always come off sounding like a star struck school girl.

But what can I say? Whenever I listen to my friend’s music, I’m left speechless – without words … or, if you will, awestruck.

Any avid music enthusiast might agree with me when I say there are maybe a handful of artists who have the capability to move mountains with their music. Tim Donahue is one of them. How many musicians can play such complex compositions on a self-crafted intricate instrument, and sing? To top it off, he has composed hundreds of unique pieces, ranging from ethereal jazz, to progressive rock and metal. The average listener would never be able to wrap their head around the way his mind works. He sometimes calls himself a madman. Maybe he’s an alien, like he joked about the other night.

A couple of days ago, I had a rare opportunity to attend one of his gigs. I would share a video I filmed, but out of respect for his wishes and endless hours of hard work, I will only post official videos from his YouTube channel.

Here is a piece he performed the other night.

Because my brother saved me a seat right in front, I needed to be careful with my eyes. So, I took the opportunity to observe other folks around me. They were truly mesmerized and blown away by his talent.

Here’s the best part about this man: He not only creates and performs some of the best harp guitar music ever, but he is also a beast on the regular guitar when he occasionally performs on his flying v electric guitar. His 2004 Madmen & Sinners CD drew such a large progressive metal audience, it left many wanting MORE.

A few follow-up tracks with James LaBrie’s vocals were recorded, but never officially released. One of those tracks can be heard here.

There is also a track from his current rock opera project, THE CAGE. Many of his progressive metal fans are anxiously awaiting more material, and a possible release date. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed!

Meanwhile, various tracks can be found on several of his sites. Here’s the opening track to THE CAGE.

I simply cannot find the right words to describe how talented he is. If anyone is ever in Japan, be sure to check his official website for any gigs he may have listed. You will not be disappointed.

The Only Thing I Need

My GOD! I’ve figured out one of the reasons David Garrett gives me such an ….. amazing FEELING when I listen to his music!

Extraordinary talent, charisma, and looks aside, I’ve been trying to nail what it is about him that has me so mesmerized and literally addicted to his music – since 2012!

If anyone has read some of my earlier posts about a phenomenon called ASMR, I have literally just connected the dots.

Since there are virtually no recordings of him performing without backing music, I’ve been unable to explain the euphoria I experience when I listen to him. Until tonight, as I sit here watching YouTube videos with my earbuds snugly in my ears.

I started out an hour ago, listening to some Toronto videos – the concert I attended about a year and a half ago. One video led to another, and I got into the classical side of his performances. And then I revisited this.

When he picked up the Guarneri, the back of my head tingled – the same way it does when I listen to some of my favorite ASMR videos.

Here is one of my all time favorites, by my favorite ASMR creator – who also happens to be German, like David Garrett.

What is it about German men??? Sigh…

Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement.

Now, back to what I was previously doing – listening to David Garrett. ♥

Stop Following The Stream

As human beings mature, their tastes change. Fashion trends aren’t as important as they were in school. Hair styles become more practical. Musical preferences change. And so on.

On several occasions, a friend has told me that’s it’s next to impossible to make it big in the entertainment industry – unless you sell your soul to them, creating material that appeals to the masses. As Daniel Howell (YouTube personality) puts it, “Give the people what they want”. But he’s referring mainly to tweens, teens, and twenty somethings.

At around age 21, I noticed my tastes and interests greatly changing and broadening. I basically became my own person. I was no longer concerned with conformity.

This was especially true where fashion and music were concerned. In my opinion, a person shouldn’t be afraid to open their car window when listening to amazing, unique artists like this.

He’s an American born harp guitarist who has made a life for himself in Japan 30+ years ago after graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Check him out on YouTube. He has uploaded many extraordinary tracks – music which is performed mainly on his self crafted harp guitar. There are a few videos featuring a drummer as well.

In my opinion, people are so caught up in mainstream music, that the true talent out there is often overlooked.

Don’t be afraid to find a different stream in life. There’s more to music and clothing than than Justin Beiber and Lularoe. Get out there and find out what YOU like! Not what someone else likes.


In light of something somewhat traumatizing that happened yesterday, I am sitting here listening to some of my favorite music as I have a couple of beverages.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows my beverage(s) of choice, and knows my music of choice. When I combine the two, I get carried away, slightly inebriated, and acutely impassioned.

Since discovering this young man in May 2012 (I think it was around that time! I know it was 2012!), I just cannot get enough. Any true David Garrett fan will say it is never enough. The avid fans in Germany have been to countless shows. Some have traveled around the world to see his shows.

Given that I do not work, and have a limited budget, I’ve had the privilege of seeing him a total of three times. Health issues have also put the kibosh on any international travel for me.

That in mind, I’ve come to truly appreciate his music even more than in the past. Especially since seeing him in Toronto last year. When I first discovered him, I was completely head over heels star struck. HOLY COW, was I star struck, to the point that I just about stuttered when I met him. It’s like a freight train hit me full speed. WHAM!!! Emotions overload. Yes, I cried when I met him – both times.

But now I’m really listening to the music. I allow it to take me places I’ve never imagined. Music is my escape. I think I may have stated this before, but it literally occupies a quarter of my soul. My husband and children occupy one half, and my two favorite artists own the fourth quadrant.

One of these days I’ll write an entry about that second artist – maybe. But most people who truly know me might guess.

For now, as I patiently wait for the next time I see David Garrett, I’ll continue to enjoy videos from around the world, along with a beverage or two.

On A Happier Note

Now that I’ve dried my tears (again), after viewing over an hour’s worth of George Michael videos, I need something which will make me cry happy tears.

I can never say enough about this man.  I used to say ‘there are no words‘.  But now I say ‘there aren’t enough words’.  There just aren’t.  His talent just ‘does it’ for me.  I’ve tried repeatedly to find distractions, to keep my mind off of him.  I’m still trying.  I think I’m making a bit of progress.  I’ve almost stopped crying over the fact that he probably isn’t coming back to my country to perform.

I leave with this – my favorite.

Shared with permission from the person who uploaded it to YouTube.