Now And Then

It’s necessary to share a rare, content mood.  My favorite music/artists usually trigger these good moods.  But because there was a time when I was constantly listening to the same music over and over for quite a few years, it nearly lost its deep meaning to me.  It almost escaped my heart and soul.  So, I backed off quite a bit, and saved it for special occasions. Continue reading

I’m SO Tempted

But I’ll get blocked … on all platforms, and I can’t risk it.  So I’ll post it here, because I really can’t resist, and I’m a naughty violinist with a filthy mind, and when I saw the following video …

…only one person came to mind, and the temptation to tweet is so strong right now … but I must behave.

My tweet would say something like “How long is your D?” … or maybe “How long can you make your D last?” … or “Your D is probably stronger and longer” … and I could go on.  But it’s late, and I don’t want to get flagged.

So, I’ll just sip my iced tea and leave this right here.