I Was Not Expecting This

An avid horror/thriller fan is usually quick to recognize how a film is going to work out.  My husband is one of those people who easily predicts what happens.  But he’s not a horror fan, so I’m left to watch by myself.  I prefer it that way.

The last time I watched a thriller with him, he knew who the bad guy was, and I was pissed.

It takes a decent twisted film to catch and hold my interest lately.  My ADD (I was never officially diagnosed, but I suspect) keeps preventing me from going further than 10 minutes in anything lately.  It’s annoying, and I just want to sit and be scared shitless for a couple of hours.

Repeats aren’t really an option, because you know what’s going to happen.  But yesterday, I sat down and randomly selected Gehenna – Where Death Lives on Netflix.  I was immediately glued, simply because of the opening scenes.

Because my brain is so scattered lately, I never would’ve suspected the ending I just watched.  And if you’re confused, it took me two days to watch it because I’ve been busy.

If you’re a horror fan, check it out.