I Was Not Expecting This

An avid horror/thriller fan is usually quick to recognize how a film is going to work out.  My husband is one of those people who easily predicts what happens.  But he’s not a horror fan, so I’m left to watch by myself.  I prefer it that way.

The last time I watched a thriller with him, he knew who the bad guy was, and I was pissed.

It takes a decent twisted film to catch and hold my interest lately.  My ADD (I was never officially diagnosed, but I suspect) keeps preventing me from going further than 10 minutes in anything lately.  It’s annoying, and I just want to sit and be scared shitless for a couple of hours.

Repeats aren’t really an option, because you know what’s going to happen.  But yesterday, I sat down and randomly selected Gehenna – Where Death Lives on Netflix.  I was immediately glued, simply because of the opening scenes.

Because my brain is so scattered lately, I never would’ve suspected the ending I just watched.  And if you’re confused, it took me two days to watch it because I’ve been busy.

If you’re a horror fan, check it out.

I Will Never Paint Like Bob Ross

Or even Jenna Marbles, for that matter.  Like her, I have art fear.  Mainly when it comes to painting.  I can draw a little bit.  I relax best when I doodle, using the Zentangle method for a bit of inspiration.

My mom used to love painting, and she often followed a lot of what Bob Ross did, and we found some really great ‘practice’ paintings on regular paper when we cleaned out the house after my dad passed.

Now, since Bob Ross is popular again – was he ever not popular? – I’m getting ready to binge on his series.  I still learning how much Roku has to offer, and I found a freaking Bob Ross channel!

The best part of Bob Ross is I truly believe he was the original ASMRtist.  In the literal sense.  His voice is so soothing.

If you have Netflix, I think his series might still be available for streaming.