Used Noodles?

Amazon never fails to amuse and scare me.

I’m currently adding items to my holiday wish list.  So, when Kevin goes to shop for me – because he tries to avoid leaving the house during the holidays as much as I do – he’ll wonder why the hell I’m adding so many Samyang ramen noodles to the list.  It’s simple:  There are certain flavors I just can’t find in any local Asian market.

The weird part about food shopping on Amazon is when you see used as a purchasing option.  While tonight is the first I’ve encountered such a nauseating phenomenon, I’m sure there are other food stuffs out there that have this option.  I just don’t need to know, though.

It’s kinda like I didn’t need to know that the black spaghetti my daughter purchased contains black squid ink.  Which reminds me – I’m never eating dinner at her place (when she gets her own place, without a roommate), unless she tells me what she’s cooking.

Maybe I’ll stick with shopping at my local Asian market.  That way I’ll know for certain it isn’t used.

Screw Horseradish

Whenever my sinuses are plugged, I’ve always resorted to horseradish, which isn’t exactly a great idea for the stomach, since I’ve been told it makes your stomach bleed.

And because I can’t take decongestants – thanks a lot, blood pressure – I usually suffer and have to settle for NSAIDS and mentholyptus nose inhalers, which don’t really help.

But today, an obnoxiously hot bowl of Korean kimchi ramen soup not only made my nose drain, it also made my eyes and pores leak uncontrollably.  Like WTF kind of spices do they put in those things?  I’ve had hot ramen before, but nothing like this new one I tried today.

Except mine was Korean kimchi extra hot flavor, and every single mukbang creator I’ve watched weren’t lying about how it punches you in the throat.  My tongue was on fire, but my throat was begging for mercy.

The worst part is I don’t have any milk in the house.