This Is Sad

In the weight loss world, every day is a struggle.  Between life and triggers, losing each pound seems like pulling teeth.  And it feels like an eternity for some.

In a recent post on a social media group – which is run and monitored by administrators – I asked about mukbang, and if anyone has had success with appetite suppression via watching mukbang videos.  An hour or so ago, my post was approved, and someone commented.  But I didn’t get to see the comment because I was busy.  However, it was in my notifications.

Any regular social media user knows how notifications work.

To my surprise, my post was removed within minutes of being approved.  While I have not questioned the administrator of the group, I can only imagine what the comment was on my post, and the reason why the post was removed.

I can understand that videos about eating can be triggering, but don’t the rules of the internet state that if you don’t like something, keep scrolling?  I wasn’t trying to trigger anyone.  I was simply trying to suggest that maybe watching eating videos can help curb the appetite.  But I guess I’m more wrong than right, since my post was removed.  But that’s fine.  No big deal.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to eat vicariously through mukbang videos, without actually eating … because I’m not easily triggered by food, and have self control… not that I’m criticizing anyone.  I’m just saying.

Rant over.

Rocket Fuel

Take cover.  She’s going to blow … the roof off her house!  And many dieters might agree when I say healthier eating wreaks havoc on the gut.  It’s often to the point of curling up into a ball and squealing like a pig from the pain.  But that’s normal, they say.  Eat more fiber, they say. Continue reading

J Is For July

A day late, half of the year is over, which means a little something different to keep things positive in my mind.  Why not?  Positive thinking is a must when getting through the dog days of summer.

And even though it’s too hot to do much of anything, it’s easy to just sit and veg – and eat, which is the worst thing.  Someone I know is now realizing how easy it is to pack on 10 extra pounds without even trying.  One would figure since it’s summer, and you’re active, that wouldn’t happen.  On the contrary. Continue reading