Generous Dose of GROSS

If you have any hint of OCD, it is highly recommended that you keep scrolling.  But then again, maybe you already know about some of the little nasties many people aren’t aware of.  And if you don’t have OCD, this just mite trigger it.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had lice, or scabies, or anything else creepy and crawly on your body which requires a dip in insecticide.  If you have children, you’ve most likely experienced a raging case of lice within your household at least once.

We all have mites on our bodies.  There’s no avoiding it.  What many folks may be unaware of is eyelash mites.  And if you have a phobia about anything to do with eyes, the thought alone might rob you of a huge chunk of your sanity.

Now that I’m squirming with the heebiejeebies, I think it’s time for a nice hot shower, followed by a few shots of tequila.  I swear to God my eyelids are itching right now.

Barely There

First steps are like big scary demons for some people.  I’m one of those people.  But, I somehow managed to face the demon today, and took the first ginormous step in asking for help with my depression.  You can do it, too.  You deserve to be more than barely there, which is what I’ve been for the past few years. Continue reading