Slow Down

Enjoy the little things while you can.  It’s not difficult to slow down from life’s daily rush.

After a weekend break due to circumstances, I’ve come to realize that even though I sit at home behind a computer, I tend to forget how some loved ones are non-stop work/play.  And then they become like this

because they lack sleep.

Sometimes, things can get much worse.

And then friends and family freak out with worry because the shit has hit the health fan.

I’m not joking.  Slow the hell down, and take care of your health before anything else.  You only live once.  And I can’t believe I just said that.

A Positive Vibe

German violinist David Garrett is receiving many of them, as well wishes and positive messages are received daily.

In a recent unfortunate health situation, Mr. Garrett’s management have reluctantly cancelled a fair amount of performances.  Fans are worried, yet hopeful for a speedy recovery.

Spine issues are nothing to ignore.  I speak from experience.  Between a herniated lumbar disc when I was pregnant with my daughter (she’s 20 now), and degenerative arthritis in the cervical spine, sometimes even the simplest of daily tasks are a challenge.

I can’t imagine playing the violin with those issues.

It’s a frightful thing to wake up with no feeling in your leg or arm.  It’s even worse when you can’t move your head, and it’s accompanied by burning ‘pins and needles’ pain that radiates right to your fingertips.

Even worse is how cervical spine issues can agitate things like tinnitus and vertigo.

But thankfully, there are miracle workers out there.  They’re called chiropractors and osteopaths.  I’m confident Mr. Garrett is receiving the best medical treatment.

Meanwhile, it is my hope that most of the fans are patient.  I don’t often view the comments section of his social media accounts, but it’s almost certain there is speculation and uncertainty.  I avoid that at all costs, tbqh.

Whilst we’re all waiting and praying for our favorite violinist, let’s enjoy a video or two from the vast plethora (is that redundant?) available on the interwebs.


Don’t forget to check out his other YouTube channel as well.

And finally, I wish to extend my get well soon wishes to David.  We love you, Maestro.  ♥



Ancient Miracles – AHAAAA!

A million years ago, when me and my brothers were kids, my mother used to have a little cupboard of miracles.

Okay, they weren’t miracles, but DAMN the things she had in that cupboard worked wonders! One of them was called tincture of benzoin, and she used it as a decongestant. NO, we didn’t swallow it! CHRIST. It’s a topical … miracle. It serves many purposes.

It can be applied to the skin, like a liquid bandage of sorts, whilst protecting against infection. It also can be used in an alternative manner, placing about a half teaspoon in a large kettle of steaming water, at a low boil – just beyond simmering. We used a large empty coffee can. But good luck finding one of those. I suggest purchasing a kettle solely for the use of the tincture.

But where the heck can you find this stuff in the age of advanced medicine and greedy pharmaceuticals? I can’t tell you how many local pharmacies I called asking for this stuff, only to be told “it isn’t on the market any longer”. Liar McFriars!

I looked it up on Amazon. I can order it. But I need it now! So, I’ll either have to fork over an arm for overnight shipping, or suffer until Monday, when a specialty apothecary will be open, and pray to the elders that they carry this little miracle in a bottle.

Believe me when I tell you, this stuff used to break all of my congestion loose within a day or two. There’s nothing worse than not being able to breathe.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about tincture of benzoin, please ask your doctor first. It’s not for everyone, and certainly not a replacement for any medications prescribed by your doctor. Hopefully your doctor is older, and knows about older, alternative home remedies.

Check it out here, on Wikipedia. It’s very accurate in the description of its uses.

And now I have something on my mother. She always swore up and down that alternative medicine didn’t work. Just wait until my day comes. I’m going to shake a stern finger at her, like she always did to me.



As soon as I saw today’s prompt, I was like oh no.  Here we go.

Do I even dare write about my horrendous allergies?  The last time I was tested for anything, I nearly went into anaphylactic shock.  You know it’s bad when a Cleveland Clinic allergy specialist tells you “No more allergy testing.  It’s too dangerous”.

It was scary because 1. I take beta blockers for my heart, and epinephrine probably will not work if I need it, and 2. IF the epinephrine worked, it might give me a heart attack.  My surgeon told me it’s too risky for me to have any kind of adrenaline.  Not even for dental work.  Which really sucks, because when I had a tooth pulled a few years ago, it took 9 shots of regular novocaine.

Being allergic is no laughing matter.  I think it would probably be best for me to just see a nutritionist, give them a list of my allergies, and ask them to make up a diet for me.  But since allergies are an autoimmune thing, I will most likely die allergic to everything.  That’s the nature of allergies.  Or at least that’s what a specialist from Toronto told me.

Suppose I limit myself to 10 foods, and only eat those 10 foods.  I will become allergic to them.

Sometimes I wonder how much of a role allergies play in other disorders.  Since the allergic response is inflammation, how much damage can inflammation cause to other organs, our bones, our nervous system, our arteries, etc.? I research a lot of crap on the internet.  Too much for my own mental health.  But this is one area I’m afraid to research.

Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.  It’s enough I need to mind my heart health.  If I’m doomed to die from some other crap, I don’t want to know.  Leave me alone and let me enjoy what little is left for me to enjoy.  I can’t smoke.  Drinking is bad for my liver because of the multiple cholesterol meds I’m on, and sitting is the new smoking.  I’m fooked!

Meanwhile, I’ll do that weird psychological thing, and turn the entire situation into a joke.  I’ll use it as an excuse.  “I can’t leave the house.  I’m allergic to air.” or “I’d LOVE to go walking with you, but I’m allergic to the sun.” or “Sorry, I can’t clean the house.  The dust will put me in the hospital.” And finally “I can’t eat that.  It’ll kill me.”   Oh yeah, did I mention that most HEALTHY foods are the enemy?  My throat will close if I eat the wrong good things.

I’m not really allergic to air.  I’m just allergic to about 50 different trees, all grass, dust, all mold, cats, feathers, dust mites, ragweed, cottonwood, mustard plant, queen Ann’s lace, pig weed, roses, corn, wheat, soy, milk, eggs, legumes, banana, melon, cucumber, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, asparagus, eggplant, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, adhesives, wool, and nylon.

Oops.  I did the list anyways.  I have the actual list from the hospital buried away in my file cabinet.  There are about 50 other things I forgot.

Are plastic bubbles covered by insurance companies?


No, Sir. I Didn’t Like It

Anxiety be damned.

It hasn’t happened in quite a long time. It isn’t pretty when it happens. Today’s episode began with an onslaught of the unusual – instant pounding heart, audible heartbeat, and an outrageous blood pressure reading. I was supposed to go out. But now I feel like the life has been sucked out of my body – like an egg being cracked, and its innards scrambled into oblivion.

Usually, when I’m transitioning between panic and less panic, I resort to funny videos, such as the one above. It’s a coping mechanism. A useful one, since I’m currently not on any type of anxiety/depression meds. I consider myself to be doing fairly well, given that fact. Most people would snap by now. Me, I just sit in a corner, shaking and crying until it subsides.

My blog and music are my escape. Sometimes, when music isn’t a friendly option for some people within the household, writing is truly the only means by which I can curb whatever is going on. I tried coloring for about a year, but that kind of lost its effectiveness. Now it’s just a nice little hobby.

As with depression, I know exercise is an extremely important management tool. But for some people, leaving the house is a chore in itself, often the source of their anxiety. It’s not always as simple as overcoming a phobia of driving, or other, more manageable triggers.

I suppose things like bad sleeping and eating habits could be part of the bigger picture. It’s like a vicious cycle. Or maybe a domino effect? Either way, it’s pretty crappy, and nearly impossible to overcome on your own without any type of help.

Too bad our rotten health care system leaves the average schmuck like me fleeced and flapping in the wind.

Am I Rude and Insensitive?

I’ve recently come under some harsh comments in response to my comments on various news articles.  I’ve been told I’m rude and insensitive.

The last time I checked, raising awareness by talking about my own health experiences isn’t rude.

Example 1: I made a comment on the sudden passing of a young man who passed away from a heart attack. I made a general comment about how ‘you’re never too young for things like heart disease’.  I continued by sharing my own experiences with heart disease.  How is that ‘getting on my soapbox’?

Example 2: Another comment was about the incorrect uses of beauty products, and how they don’t belong anywhere near the female genitalia.  I understand things are causing cancer, and people suffer and lose their lives to this awful disease.  But doesn’t it make sense to NOT USE anything scented near or IN any bodily orifice? They’re chemicals for crying out loud!  And how is that statement insensitive and uncalled for (NASTY?)???

I’m only trying to make a point.  An honest and frank one.  I’m not an asshole.

I’ve had my fair share of losses, and have almost died had it not been for an emergency quadruple coronary bypass surgery.   I’m about as compassionate and sensitive as a person can get.

End of discussion.