I Need Help

… with my under eye bags and dark circles … Who doesn’t?  Especially moms!  But I’ve had these dark circles since I can remember – at least since my early 30’s.  I’ve been told allergies and lack of sleep are major contributors.  In my case, I’m swaying toward the allergies.

The worst part is, I can’t take Benadryl.  All kinds of bad happens when I take it, like hallucinations, blood pressure spikes, and paranoia.  The red dye, perhaps?  But I’m not allergic to that.  So, now what?

Other OTC remedies and nasal sprays aside, what else is there to do?  I never rub my eyes, but I do cry a lot.  Is that another factor in dark eye circles?  My iron and hemoglobin levels are back up to snuff, so that’s not a concern.  The only other thing I can think of is medication.  In that case, I’m screwed.

Never consult with an online ‘professional’.  They just want a ‘one time payment’ of $5 to talk to someone who will refer you to someone else who requires another one time payment of $5 ….  you see where this is going.

Doctors are of no help.  They just tell you to get more sleep. Well, doc, what if I told you I’ve had these dark circles long before I had any sleep issues?  Hmm?

Expensive eye creams aside, what other options are there?  Do cold moist tea bags really help?  And what about those capillaries?  Apparently, sleeping too much can cause problems.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of situation …..

Ass Over Tea Kettle

Getting good sleep is essential for many things.  Sanity is one of those things.  Sadly, insomnia is more common than people are aware of.  And even though I finally got a good 8 hours of bone aching sleep (I hurt because I barely moved all night), I did something that makes me want to use an entire bottle of Listerine mouthwash.

My daughter would say MOM, we have the same DNA, you carried us for 9 months.  What’s a little sharing gonna do to you?  But sharing a drink of water is one thing.  Toothbrushes are another thing.

Jump cut to cleaning the kitchen an hour later, and I guess I’m not as bright tailed and bushy eyed as I thought.  I’m on cup number two of coffee, and I almost went ass over tea kettle a bit ago.  It’s my daughter’s fault.  She playfully kicked my butt when I was bent over, and I almost ate the dishwasher.

Time for a trip to Dunkin Donuts for real cup of coffee, because my generic k-cups suck.  Time to re-stock some Jamaican Me Crazy, too!



Burn It

I’m scared to go outside.  More specifically around the backside of the house, where the bathroom wall is, where there’s a massive web attached to the outside of the window.  I can’t fully see it because our bathroom window has adhesive ‘frost’.  But I can see the shadow of something flapping in the breeze.

I didn’t think anything of it in the past week.  I honestly thought it was just a shadow or something.  I haven’t really payed much attention to it, until today, when I saw something huge scuttle across it.  Like it was at least the size of a quarter, and now my skin is crawling because Cara don’t do spiders.


People take delight in tagging me in spider posts online, but it isn’t funny.  When I was 13, I had a tarantula on my bare foot.  Long story short, my aunt and uncle lived in Tucson, and they had a carport, where there was an extra refrigerator, with a broom leaning against it.  My aunt needed something from the fridge, and sent me out to get it.  So, I moved the broom, and out came a nasty tarantula.

The only thing I remember is screaming, and my uncle laughing at me until he was purple.  I have no recollection of how I was suddenly standing on the hood of their old station wagon.  I must’ve levitated or teleported.  Or maybe I had an out of body experience.  Since then, I rarely go barefoot.  Even in my own house, where there are no tarantulas … hopefully.