New Way Of Thinking

Everyone talks about New Year’s resolutions, and how ‘things are going to change’, and all too often, it doesn’t happen.  A fast paced life, and the inability to keep a solid routine may just a couple of many contributing factors.  The latter is my biggest stumbling block.


Deer In Headlights

That was me this morning after I dropped my son off at school, in the dark, still half asleep, when three large deer just toodled across the road in front of me.

The fact that we were late, and it was freezing AF at an hour not even human for me was nothing compared to the cuppycake I dropped as I swerved twice to dodge the beasts in order to avoid creaming my brand new SUV – which Kevin would’ve had my ass for because I was supposed to use my daughter’s truck, but couldn’t because she scoots her seat so far forward, and I couldn’t figure out how to move it back at 7 in the morning!!!

Can you tell I’m not a happy camper right now, even four hours after the fact?

I tweeted that coffee wasn’t necessary because almost hitting the deer made me plenty awake.  But once the adrenaline and anger wore off, I proceed with four cups.  And now my stomach is rotting and I feel like puking.

Why was I angry?  Because it’s colder than a witch’s tit outside, and I had to drive in the dark, which is a no-go for me because I’m blind as a bat at night.

I believe it’s time to crawl back into bed for a brief nap … and to reset my nervous system.


The Clock Is Ticking

Why does it seem like time speeds up at the wrong times?  Just me?  Or is it just poor planning and procrastination?  Probably.  I mean, the original title for this blog was going to be Mrs. Procrastination.  That’s just how it rolls with me.

At least a majority of my holiday shopping is done.  A couple of weeks ago, a few hours was spent in the dungeon sorting everything.  Last night was spent assembling everything into boxes.  And tonight will be spent doing some major wrapping.  All in the name of having the rest of my time free to catch up on a severely neglected temperature afghan.

If I don’t catch up on that afghan, my best friend is going to kick my ass into next year.  But I think what I’m making for her might make up for it …. just a tiny bit.

Holidays aside, recent studies (Kevin’s observations) have shown that procrastination and inability to stick to any routine is a major problem.  We’re not sure why.  The only thing that I am able to consistently execute is sleep, browsing, and coffee.  Even eating has become a problem, as I often forget to eat breakfast – on the days I make it out of bed before noon.

Breakfast is gross.  My stomach hates me if I eat before I’m fully functional.

Maybe it’ll get better after the holidays.  Until then, time for a third cup of coffee.