Autocomplete Is Making Me Angry

To relax a bit before diving into some house work, I’m playing Google Feud, and I don’t like my crappy score.  I’m not racking up very many points, and now all the answers about tattoos are pissing me off.

This post was originally a huge rant, but now I’m like why bother?  And then 90% of this post got deleted.  People will always be judgemental, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  So, I’ll continue with my day, have some more coffee, and listen to my huge random Spotify playlist.

Think you know the answers?  Try it out!  Google Feud is an actual game, based on people’s searches.  Have fun!  Time for me to find a happy place while I clean.


I Hate Doing This

But it’s a necessary evil ….. once in a while.  Not all the time like I used to do, because then it makes my site trashy.  But it’s necessary, because if I don’t, I might explode.  And since my daughter gets all over my case about ranting on social media, I need to do it here.  Maybe I’ll send Kevin out for some ice cream.  Or maybe I’ll have a little something else after dinner.  I think I deserve a tiny bit today, since I’ve done without for four days.

Have you ever been in a situation where an accidental bird comes along, and craps on your good day with something unexpected?  And then you’re like
but you don’t really say anything because the damn bird doesn’t realize you’ve been wondering about that unexpected thing all along?  I know this doesn’t really make any sense, but roll with it.  I need to be vague for the sake of something very important.

I really want to use a gif of Prince (RIP) for what my next reaction was once I realized what is going on, but I’m doing my best to stay away from anything copyrighted.  So I’ll use this one instead, because if I don’t, I might explode.

And because my eyes hurt from rolling them, I took to clenching my jaws to the point of a headache, and now I have heartburn on top of suspicion and stew.  If you don’t know what stew is …

BUT, it’s all probably for no reason, and I’m just being paranoid … and pms’ing.  But I needed to get it out before I break down and cry, which is way worse than my current mood.  When I cry, I fall into an endless pit until things smooth over, and then I’m all better and giggly again.

Holy shit!  That’s the perfect gif!  I need that shirt!  It’s totally me.

Now I must go before this gets any worse, then I’m cringing in a year or two when I look back on this ridiculous post.  This is depression and anxiety at their worst.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Why must people ruin things by sexualizing everything?  Hmm?  It’s getting annoying – and gross.  Is there anything sacred left?  I’m not trying to kink shame, but can’t we just go back to keeping things general in the sex department?  Pretty soon, it’ll be illegal to even make sounds with your mouth, according to the new ban on ASMR in China. Continue reading

Under My Skin

Certain personages know how to get under it.  Especially with the use of a certain c word associated with cold weather.  And unless it’s at least September, I don’t want to hear it.  This might happen if you say it to my face.

I originally chose a throat punching gif, but then I realized it’s a bit extreme, and thought better of it.  But don’t get me wrong.  I don’t completely despise the ‘c word’.  I just can’t understand why there’s so much hype.  Are people really so greedy that they count the bloody days, beginning with the day after???  Or were they deprived as a child, and that’s why they look forward to it?

Other than the comedies on television, I have no use for the rest – sorry to say.  And why am I bitching about this right now?  Oh, yeah.  My brother just said the c-word on the telephone, and I about reached through the phone to kick his snarky butt.

PS: I un-follow (on Facebook) anyone who posts countdowns or anything related before September.  But I won’t unfriend.  That’s just rude.

PPS: I just remembered something. I enjoy the rare time with family.