Burn It

I’m scared to go outside.  More specifically around the backside of the house, where the bathroom wall is, where there’s a massive web attached to the outside of the window.  I can’t fully see it because our bathroom window has adhesive ‘frost’.  But I can see the shadow of something flapping in the breeze.

I didn’t think anything of it in the past week.  I honestly thought it was just a shadow or something.  I haven’t really payed much attention to it, until today, when I saw something huge scuttle across it.  Like it was at least the size of a quarter, and now my skin is crawling because Cara don’t do spiders.


People take delight in tagging me in spider posts online, but it isn’t funny.  When I was 13, I had a tarantula on my bare foot.  Long story short, my aunt and uncle lived in Tucson, and they had a carport, where there was an extra refrigerator, with a broom leaning against it.  My aunt needed something from the fridge, and sent me out to get it.  So, I moved the broom, and out came a nasty tarantula.

The only thing I remember is screaming, and my uncle laughing at me until he was purple.  I have no recollection of how I was suddenly standing on the hood of their old station wagon.  I must’ve levitated or teleported.  Or maybe I had an out of body experience.  Since then, I rarely go barefoot.  Even in my own house, where there are no tarantulas … hopefully.

Like A Kid …

… in a candy shop … That’s how I’d be in Japan if I ever got to go.  Kevin would need to take my wallet away, and then I’d be begging him to get me stuff I don’t need.  That’s what happened in my dream last night.

I’m not certain if Japan has Wal-Mart stores, but they probably do, and because I just love Wally World SO MUCH, it figures I was shopping there.  Japan’s Wal-Mart was cool.  The store had everything in stock.  Even cars!  But let me backtrack a bit, before I get all excited about the things I almost bought. Continue reading