Finding That Path

Never ending circle
No end in sight
Does it get easier
This constant fight

Constant reminders
No matter the effort
Haunts and tortures
Seemingly forever

Eternal battle
Of grief and loss
Blocks the road
Of recovery with moss

Falling into pits
Of empty existence
Where is the light
So seemingly distant

Cry for help
It does no good
Uncaring ears
In a world of falsehoods

Battle of Battles

In the beginning
There was still light
A hint of hope
And a bit of fight

Days grow longer
Sleepless nights worse
Seconds become hours
It must be a curse

Let’s try plan A
See if it works
If not then plan C
B has too much quirk

Time endlessly drags
As years pass by
So does life
In barely a sigh

The seemingly endless
Void of pain
Steels all emotion
Numbing the brain

Victims will always
Expect the worst
Never to hope
The bubble might burst

Find that faith
There must be a way
To get back to life
With no more delay

Tackle the demons
With sharpest swords
There is a light
Thank the Lord