What Are Your Three?

If you only had three wishes, what would they be?

Me, I don’t trust genies.  They’re disgruntled little demons who twist your wishes around so that you don’t get exactly what you wish for.  Therefore, you need to be very specific – which is actually more difficult than you realize.

Remember that episode of The X-Files, where someone wished for world peace, and the evil bitch genie froze everyone on the planet, except for Scully and Mulder?

It’s all about details.  Don’t wish for a cure, or to be free of your illnesses.  You might wind up dead, and 6 feet under.  Don’t wish to win the lottery.  That much money might make you the most hated person among family and friends.  Or, you might wind up with a ton of people who are simply using you for your money.

That said, here are my three wishes:

  1.  I wish for all people to be more patient, understanding, loving, and compassionate.
  2.  I wish I could be a much better person than I currently am.
  3.  I wish for a struggle-free, happy life and future for my children.

Finally, if you wish for terrible things, expect terrible things.  Karma is very real.  I’ve personally seen it at work.

Between The Lines

Powered up
Ready to fly
Digits warm
Never shy

Crank the power
Don’t wanna miss
A single beat
Of aural bliss

Smooth and easy
It may seem
Frets or none
It’s not mainstream

Knock on wood
Flats and sharps
Mind be blown
There’s a harp

One man show
Will mesmerize
Just like magic
Be hypnotized

Pure euphoria
Prepare the ears
Something amazing
Soon will be here