Like A Kid …

… in a candy shop … That’s how I’d be in Japan if I ever got to go.  Kevin would need to take my wallet away, and then I’d be begging him to get me stuff I don’t need.  That’s what happened in my dream last night.

I’m not certain if Japan has Wal-Mart stores, but they probably do, and because I just love Wally World SO MUCH, it figures I was shopping there.  Japan’s Wal-Mart was cool.  The store had everything in stock.  Even cars!  But let me backtrack a bit, before I get all excited about the things I almost bought. Continue reading

Who Knew?

Oddball thrillers/horrors aren’t usually on my watch list, but I was looking for something different last night.  As I sat helping my daughter sand some dressers for her apartment, I turned on Netflix, and proceeded to watch Creep.  And because horror, or anything remotely creepy, isn’t her ‘thing’, she called it quits, and retreated to her room while I finished the movie, and sanding.

Warning:  Spoilers ahead! Continue reading

My Scientific Is Outta Control

Science isn’t really my thing, except maybe biology.  I loved biology in college.  Physics can kiss my ass.  I sucked at it.  Especially calculus based physics.  That was the nail in my coffin during my final semester.  That, linear algebra, and differential equations – all the root of burnout, which was a bad thing, considering I was planning for a wedding at the same time.  But I’m not really here to talk science. Continue reading