How Do I Write This?

It’s difficult to write about sensitive subjects, even though we are living in more accepting times.  Well, a lot more accepting than say 50 years ago.  Or maybe just a little bit.  This isn’t easy, given I’m a bi-curious married female with children.  And I’m not afraid to admit it anymore.  All thanks to Daniel Howell’s recent coming out video.

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My Poor Graying Hair

Considering some of my conservative views, I tend to sway toward a bit of freedom in the self expression department.

A parent on a local social media group asked for advice.  Should they allow their 15 year old to play Cards Against Humanities?  Not 50 comments in, they turned off commenting.  What a shame.  Don’t want to hear the advice or differing opinions?  They shouldn’t have asked.

Given this day and digital age, where children as young as 6 or 8 are exposed to coarse language and other obscenities via the media, peers, and smart devices, I am not opposed to my children playing a harmless game of inappropriate slurs and other atrocities – under a certain level of supervision – meaning among friends, or within a group of not-so-strict family members.  Myself included.  As long as they understand that there’s a time and place for their language and opinions beyond game play, then everything should be fine.

Perhaps it stems from a strict European based upbringing, and the Catholic school system.  I’m a rebel at heart.  And when someone tells me not to do something, or that I should do something, I’ll do the opposite.  Except at work.  In that case, I’ve learned that it’s better off if your head is up the boss’ ass if you want to get anywhere, or even keep your job for that matter.

At any rate, yes, we live in a horrible world.  But where would we as humans be if we couldn’t laugh at certain things?  People take offense at too many little things, imho.  And, if we can’t laugh at life, and at each other, then what is the point of living?

Sure, things definitely get out of hand.  But it’s up to the individual to mentally weed out what and who truly matter.


It’s Amazing!

In the gaming world (and the online world in general), there are a lot of bullies and cowardly keyboard ‘warriors’.  However, a negative experience can be turned around in favor of those who are bullied!

I personally witnessed a situation where a gaming member was aggressively bullied (just a couple of days ago!) to the point of them logging off during a battle, even though that member was an experienced, leveled up player.

Given my childhood experiences with verbal bullying, I was surprised to see a recent turn of events with above said bullied gaming member, where they spontaneously led a run of battles, to which they were all successful.  It amazed me how many ‘sheep’ followed that bullied member’s unplanned lead, based on certain popular protocols within the adult community.

That said, those who are bullied should never succumb to the antics of those who might have a difficult life, therefore take to bullying others to make them feel superior.  Always hold your chin high, and chalk up terrible experiences to ‘experience‘ to build a BETTER YOU!

YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM! And don’t ever forget that.