It’s All Ruined

I’m on the phone with Kevin while he drives home from work, and I’m playing Toontown Rewritten as we’re talking.  He quips up with “There should be an adult Toontown, where there’s sex bots and pimp bots”. … …

And because I was mid sip with coffee in my mouth, I burnt my throat in a poor attempt at saving my laptop from another bath.  Now I can’t get the brain stabbing imagery out of my head.  I’m sure there are adult video games out there, but geez.  How can I ever play without that in my head?

Even worse is now that he has planted the idea in my scarred brain, the ideas are churning.  I’m gonna need more coffee. … and a lobotomy.


If anyone out there has ever played Disney’s Toontown Online, it’s back – in the form of a fan ‘rewrite’.  Only toons will understand my title.

Why do I play a children’s game?  Because I’m a rebel at heart, and I don’t do typical adult things.  Hence one of my many toons’ names, Rebel At Heart, a crimson rabbit.  Why am I a rebel?  Because I had a strict mother.

I wasn’t allowed to own video games.  I was lucky I had a computer, but we owned no games, because back then Apple IIe was so basic, there were virtually no games to play.  Oh, wait.  I had a couple of educational games.  I had to use my brain, which I also don’t do.  Having children kind of fried half of it.

I doubt many here play on any of the fan Toontown platforms – or video games, for that matter – but if you ever see a crimson rabbit by the above name, it’s me.  If you need help, just reference this entry.

Finally, before anyone judges me for playing a children’s game, or calls me weird or creepy, let me assure you, I’m not a sicko.  And, there are over 4,000 adults in the Toontown Rewritten community.  A good third of them are over the age of 40.  We are a helping community, since there are so many bullies online.

Each day, there are specific scheduled activities, open to anyone – not just ATTA members.  What’s ATTA?  Adult Toontown Addicts.  And since there’s a safety feature in chat, we aren’t allowed to say the word addict.  So when a non-ATTA member runs across us in a huge group, waiting to do a boss battle, we tell them we are adult toontown ‘attics’.  Then, we either get “Can I join the run?”, or they disappear.

And there you have it.  This is what I spend a lot of my time doing.  Now if only I could figure out how to record my own content for my YouTube Channel.

PS: That’s a doodle.  They are our pets, and we all love them more than the game itself.


It’s Amazing!

In the gaming world (and the online world in general), there are a lot of bullies and cowardly keyboard ‘warriors’.  However, a negative experience can be turned around in favor of those who are bullied!

I personally witnessed a situation where a gaming member was aggressively bullied (just a couple of days ago!) to the point of them logging off during a battle, even though that member was an experienced, leveled up player.

Given my childhood experiences with verbal bullying, I was surprised to see a recent turn of events with above said bullied gaming member, where they spontaneously led a run of battles, to which they were all successful.  It amazed me how many ‘sheep’ followed that bullied member’s unplanned lead, based on certain popular protocols within the adult community.

That said, those who are bullied should never succumb to the antics of those who might have a difficult life, therefore take to bullying others to make them feel superior.  Always hold your chin high, and chalk up terrible experiences to ‘experience‘ to build a BETTER YOU!

YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM! And don’t ever forget that.