Renewed Breath

Unexpected voice
T’was a long wait
Months of unease
With uncertain fate

Many incomplete
With a lingering void
Feeling perplexed
But never annoyed

With broad absence
Whispers may linger
Floating like clouds
Hushed with a finger

Up from the ashes
Perceived by many
A rare appearance
Air is now plenty

Great appeasement
With a few words
Whole once again
Free as a bird




I cannot express how worried all of David’s fans have been.  This recent message has lifted many doubts and eased a lot of strong concern.  Many thanks to David and his team for all of the updates.  David’s video message was a very nice surprise, and I think most fans might agree when I say I can breathe again, knowing that he is okay.

The above simple poem is just my way of expressing how worried fans have been.


Only one artist makes me beg.  For what, I don’t know.  For more music maybe?  I’m not sure I’ll ever know, but every single time I listen to David Garrett, or watch a video of him, or see him live, ‘PLEASE‘ is always on repeat in my mind.

A true David Garrett fan might agree to all of the above statements.

Since a recent herniated disc, fans have been concerned and anxiously awaiting any news of his return to the stage.  His talents will never be forgotten, and his fans are vigilant.

That said, after an extended weekend away, I am now settling back into routine with David Garrett’s music.  If you’ve never experienced crossover classical / rock music, I highly recommend this young man.  He is very charismatic, and once you discover who he is, I guarantee you’ll be hooked … line and sinker.

I Lied

Remember how I said I can never choose just 1 song by any of my favorite artists?  Well, I can honestly say, while it’s close, this piece when performed by David Garrett manages to send my emotions into a complete 360, whilst testing the limits of my heartstrings each and every time.

I do hope he returns to the stage soon.  All of his ‘die-hard’ fans seriously miss him.

Finally, instead of a cheesy gif, I’ll just say this …



A Positive Vibe

German violinist David Garrett is receiving many of them, as well wishes and positive messages are received daily.

In a recent unfortunate health situation, Mr. Garrett’s management have reluctantly cancelled a fair amount of performances.  Fans are worried, yet hopeful for a speedy recovery.

Spine issues are nothing to ignore.  I speak from experience.  Between a herniated lumbar disc when I was pregnant with my daughter (she’s 20 now), and degenerative arthritis in the cervical spine, sometimes even the simplest of daily tasks are a challenge.

I can’t imagine playing the violin with those issues.

It’s a frightful thing to wake up with no feeling in your leg or arm.  It’s even worse when you can’t move your head, and it’s accompanied by burning ‘pins and needles’ pain that radiates right to your fingertips.

Even worse is how cervical spine issues can agitate things like tinnitus and vertigo.

But thankfully, there are miracle workers out there.  They’re called chiropractors and osteopaths.  I’m confident Mr. Garrett is receiving the best medical treatment.

Meanwhile, it is my hope that most of the fans are patient.  I don’t often view the comments section of his social media accounts, but it’s almost certain there is speculation and uncertainty.  I avoid that at all costs, tbqh.

Whilst we’re all waiting and praying for our favorite violinist, let’s enjoy a video or two from the vast plethora (is that redundant?) available on the interwebs.


Don’t forget to check out his other YouTube channel as well.

And finally, I wish to extend my get well soon wishes to David.  We love you, Maestro.  ♥



Trilled and Thrilled

I try not to start an entry with ‘OH MY GOD!!!‘, but I just can’t help myself. WordPress has given me one of the best one word prompts ever!

I think I’ve blogged about this before, but hey. Why not again? I mean, it’s only one of my favorite pieces for the violin. Might I add that it’s one of my top 3 pieces that my favorite violinist performs.

Here is Devil’s Trill Sonata, by Giuseppe Tartini – performed by David Garrett.

And now, here is a full version.

It sends me to the stratosphere EVERY … SINGLE … TIME.

Whether or not you’re a classical music enthusiast, this young man could very well turn you on to it. Did I just say that???

I apologize … for nothing. He does it for me. My husband always says I go through phases, where I get fixated on one artist or another for a couple of years, and then move onto the next.

Not in this case. There is no end in site where David Garrett is concerned. Only one other artist has held my heart for any length of time. It is a true mark of talent.