Why Do I Torture Myself?

This may be a repeat statement, but I may never sleep again.  I’m an idiot for watching horror films at night.  I never learn.

Any horror I watch is usually reserved for midday, so that I can block it out by the time I hit the pillow.  But last night I just couldn’t wait, and I proceeded with renting Hereditary.

One of my best friends is a serious horror fan, and when she says something is creepy, I’m like a mosquito drawn to light, and can’t wait to watch whatever freaked her out.  Hereditary didn’t disappointment, but GODDAMN was it messed up!  F*cked up ending aside, the entire film was one huge creepy escalation, which at one point made me scream OH MY GOD, which in turn made Kevin come running out of the bedroom to see what was wrong.

“Oh, nothing.  Just a possessed mother who float-crawled across the room, trying to kill her son.”  And then he shook his head at me because I was watching a horror movie at night.  To top it off, I had a pillow and my blanket to hide behind, because it was that creepy.  I haven’t done that since the first time I watched Salem’s Lot when I was 10.

And of course afterwards I had to reprogram my head with a bit of Nick Jr. before I went to bed, because if I didn’t, there would be no sleeping.  Even then, I stayed up until 1:30, scrolling on my phone, alternating several times between Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and several other platforms.  Nothing like a little phanfiction and mukbang to calm my creeped out brain.

If you’re a fan of horror, and haven’t seen Hereditary, you might like this film.  Or not.  It depends on what kind of horror you like.


I Need TP

And a change of panties.

I just finished watching the first The Descent movie on Netflix, and I’m in need of something.  I don’t know what yet, but I’m taking a brief break, and then I’m going to torture myself some more with the sequel – after dinner, because I need to get some stuff done around the house before I decide to say screw it.

I don’t usually watch many horror films on Netflix, since I usually see them as they show on HBO, Starz, etc.  Once in a while I’ll order a pay-per-view.  But since I’m bored at the moment, I decided to scared the living shite out of myself with a movie many critics warned about.

It may be an older film, but if you’re horror fan like I am, and you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a really good watch.  But be forewarned, if you’re even mildly claustrophobic – like I am! – this may not be for you.  I won’t spoil it, but there are a few scenes that had me almost exiting right out of Netflix.  I did that with the new Blair Witch movie when a character got stuck in a mud tunnel underneath a house in the woods.

And finally, a trailer, because it’s always necessary in a review, imho.  But if you don’t like spoilers, like I know some people who don’t, then keep scrolling.


The ending was definitely a surprise, and I’ll leave it at that.  Now, it’s time for a brew, since I’m definitely awake, and don’t need coffee anymore.

I Wonder Why I Can’t Sleep

…and why I always have such whacked out dreams…

What exactly makes people unable to sleep?

While sleep apnea and things like anxiety and restless legs syndrome can rob some people of precious zzzz’s…

…others are like WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!

In my case, sometimes I wonder if it’s my choice of entertainment.

In which case, my husband often blames my inefficient daily ‘routine’ (lack thereof) on my lack of sleep due to my obsession with horror films and television shows.

But honey!  I love a good scare.  Besides, I always watch Disney or romance fluff afterwards.

“It doesn’t matter.  You scream in your sleep at least once a week.”  That has nothing to do with what I watch. . .

That said, why are people, especially women, attracted to horror?  I’m open to opinions.


It’s almost Halloween!

Why am I excited?  Because it’s the best time to binge on horror films.  My favorite!

While I’m sure most of those who personally know me would go and say “No wonder you can’t sleep”, I simply say “They’re just movies”.  Can creepy horrific things happen?  Of course!  It isn’t pleasant to think of the horrors that happen on a daily basis.  This is why I like the horror genre.  When the movie is over, it brings me back to reality, and helps me realize how lucky I am, and how good I have it compared to some – generally speaking.

But back to having the crap scared out of me.  One of my worst fears is clowns, but I still watched IT (the original) the other night, and sat in my chair with a huge pillow, peering over the edge of it the entire time.  Some people watch horror through the slits of their fingers.  I hug a gigantic pillow.

I’m debating whether or not to head out to the cinema to see a new film – especially by myself, for a horror/thriller.  There are a few really good ones, including the new IT, and Mother.  A good friend told me Mother was all kinds of messed up.  I asked her if it was as messed up as Get Out (which was awesome!), and she responded with “There were some disturbing parts, but it was a good movie”.

Now I’m conflicted.

I suppose I could take another glance through Netflix and Hulu – to save me money at least.  I mean, the only people who can afford actually going to the cinema are pimps and drug dealers.  Who has that kind of income otherwise, to afford a ticket, popcorn, candy, nachos, ice cream, AND a drink?

I’ll stick with what I currently have – like my satellite provider, and Netflix, and Hulu.  Or maybe I’ll check out Redbox.  Do those still exist?  I rarely leave my house anymore, let alone look at what’s around me when I DO.

Since I’ve already made up my mind that I’m staying in (it’s cold outside!), could y’all throw some suggestions my way?  I’ve already watched Gerald’s Game, and holy F*CK.  That handcuff escape scene.  Way worse than watching Negan bludgeoning Abraham and Glenn’s skulls to a bloody pulp in The Walking Dead.

In addition to my eye phobia and any horror scenes containing eyeballs, I now have a new phobia.  Hand torture.  Luckily for me, I can usually predict when a really gross thing is going to happen.  I can handle most gore, but eyes and hands … NOPE!

And here I thought The Walking Dead desensitized me.