I Can’t Wait

As some know, I’m a fan of mukbang, and food.  I don’t really consider myself a foodie, but I love food, and always walk away from every meal quite uncomfortable.  Even when I eat ramen.

In light of a recent YouTuber’s video – a response to all of the hate and threats she receives – an idea popped into my head, and it might result in my death.  But only if there are people near me who have misophonia.

The next time I go to a busy restaurant, I’m going to exaggerate my enthusiasm for food with all kinds of mouth noises.  Maybe even a little bit of moaning and extra slurping … JUST to piss off the complainers.  If I get a death threat, I’ll simply call the police.  Plain and simple.

YEP.  I’m a shit stirrer.  Seeing someone I like get bullied for the way she eats pisses me off to that point.

End of rant.

Choking On Mukbang

This is shout out to all the Cara’s in the world.

When I was growing up, it was impossible to find anything with my name on it.  So, I was the loser who didn’t have a personalized license plate on my bike, and the loser who didn’t have a key chain or whatever was cool at the time with my name on it.

Even today, it’s difficult to find anything with my name on it.  Yet, there are probably thousands (or maybe more) of Cara’s out there in the world.

And I swear to GOD, if anyone sends me a bunch of crap with my name on it, I’ll haunt you in my afterlife.  Unless it’s stationery.  I love that shit.

In related news, in certain fandoms, I not only count on having a less common first name (I think?), but I also count on my extremely unusual last name – my married name, that is.

And when I’m a live stream chat participant, it’s exciting to hear my name mentioned by certain personages I hold near and dear to my heart.  But when I’m not part of a live stream, and I watch the replay and hear “CARA K”, I choke on my food.  Especially when the word mukbang is mentioned along with my name – since I’ve recently become addicted to watching mukbang.

That said … is someone impersonating me in the live stream platforms???  I mean, I’m a nobody, and I kind of like it that way, for now.  But when I hear “CARA K”, it really catches me off guard, because people who are lazy and don’t want to pronounce my last name sometimes resort to just saying ‘K’.  They did it at a former place of employment, when I worked with my husband.

In closing, I’d rather hear Dan (or Phil) butcher my name than say ‘K’.  But since I wasn’t part of that live stream, I can’t be certain it was me, and I’m not about to stalk the live stream platform to see if there is another me.  And that would just freak me out and piss me off if there is another me.  BUT, I guess that’s the risk of being online in the public forum.

SHOULD I find out ?????  I don’t have the energy…and I really don’t care.  If you want the real me, there are ways to find and contact the real me.

But please, don’t, unless it’s business related.  I mean, what if you’re a vampire, or an alien?  I can’t take that chance.  😛



I’m In A Situation

Mukbang videos usually don’t trigger me, but today, I’m dead, and tomorrow, I’m running out to Chipotle for their chips and guac.  Maybe a bowl, if they’ll serve me a kids’ bowl, because that’s about all I can eat without dying from a stretched stomach.

And because I’m craving loaded nachos for some reason, I’ve watched 4 consecutive loaded nachos mukbang videos, and this guy by far outdoes the rest.

His presentation and enjoyment made my stomach growl.  But I can’t eat at night, or I’ll suffer.  No heavy eating past 6:30 for me.  And no radishes.  That’s like putting anchovies on pizza.  EW.  Sorry, Quang.

But my GOD!  I’m tempted to go to the store and put together my own loaded nachos.  Or, maybe I’ll just order loaded nachos for dinner tomorrow when we go out for my birthday.  Now I’m torn, because we’re going to a burger place, and I’ve been dying for a burger.  Maybe I’ll just make the nachos, or maybe I’ll go get some for lunch.  YEAH!!!

Meanwhile, I’m off to watch one more video before I cry into a small cup of applesauce.  Miss Molly, my fish, died.  I’ll be shopping for her replacement this weekend.