Aye Aye!

That should technically be II, but the average reader wouldn’t understand.

My two favorite internet personalities kicked off their Interactive Introverts tour a few days ago. Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are exploding with spoilerinos.  If you’re not a fan of spoilers, don’t you dare search that tag.  You might have a meltdown of sorts.  Especially if you’re a demon phannie.

the adventure begins. danandphiltour.com

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And since each show is supposedly different, who knows what they have up their sleeves?

Somehow, I just knew months in advance, that Dan would be playing the piano for us.  I get those ‘prediction’ feelings sometimes.  I cannot wait to see in it person.  Dan at the piano is my ‘aesthetic’.  Playing the piano is one of Dan’s passions, and I love him for that fact alone.  I can totally see him becoming the leader of a new YouTube movement – performing his own originals on the piano.  Could music possibly be the next major trend for aspiring YouTubers?  We will see…

If you really need spoilers, then by all means, stalk that iispoilers tag.  But I don’t recommend it if you’re planning to attend a show or three.  Spoilers ruin the surprise!

Meanwhile, Dan and Phil are busy giving the people what they want, whilst regularly updating their Instagram stories.  Those are fun, and they make them even more fun!

See you soon, boys!


I’m Disturbed

I was just looking at my statistics, and noticed a search term.

Bloggers and readers who may or may not be familiar with search terms, my statistics show me many things.  Including what people search for in their search engines, which lead to my blog.  Thank you, WordPress!

It’s kind of similar to Google, and how it saves your search words and phrases.  Maybe.  I’m not entirely sure though.  Either way, when you search for something with key words and phrases, the internet saves it, and whatever site you navigate to, the web admin and host see what nasty and stalkerish things you search for.

Things like eargasm sex music made me laugh so hard, it made my sciatic nerve jolt in protest.  And in case you’re wondering, I got an adjustment yesterday, after the chiropractor pressed on the nerve, which had me retracting my claws from the ceiling right after the adjustment.

But my neck feels great for once!

Anyways, I don’t know what y’all are looking for in the sex music department, but may I suggest Enigma?  And, depending on your musical tastes, old timey ethereal folk music also does the trick.  Or how about massage music?  There are so many great compilation CDs, it’s almost certain you’ll find something to meet your, um, needs.

Meanwhile, might I suggest some Berlioz?

There are, of course, quite a few classical pieces out there that are on the mildly erotic side.  But please don’t attack me if you’re an avid classical music connoisseur.  Pieces like this are commonly labeled erotic, and I’m not sure why.

If it’s something else you’re looking for, I’m not sure what to suggest for an eargasm.  Unless you’re looking for goosebumps?  In that case, it’s a matter of experimenting with different genres outside of the typical ones.




The only bit of any dreams I had are from two hours ago. Being awake from 4:30 – 7:30 wasn’t exactly helpful. I know I had other dreams. I just can’t remember them. I was too lazy to jot them down.

I miss playing my violin. Hairless bow aside, I’ve been having some issues with my neck, which I’ve been getting treatment for since late 2015. I’m beginning to worry that the arthritic degeneration is getting worse. Especially in my upper back, which is constantly grinding and popping.

At any rate, this morning’s dream involved a classroom setting, where a violin teacher was reviewing certain pieces, focusing on the most difficult passages. I clearly recall her saying “Whoever pays attention and plays these passages correctly will be entered for a raffle.”

There were two prizes: A lifetime of free lessons, and a private performance by David Garrett to kick off those lessons.

As I studied and practiced specific pieces, I began to sweat with nerves, knowing that David Garrett was the one I would be playing for.

Side note: I’m not that good on the violin. And even if he requested me to play for him irl, I would probably make his Strad sound like a $200 student violin – right before I have a collective heart attack. I love him, but he sort of makes me nervous. Just a little bit. Me practically running from him the last time I met him certainly proved that!

Anyways, too bad I didn’t dream any further than my practice session. I hate my phone. Someone called me and ripped me from good dreams again. It happened yesterday, and it wiped out any recollection of the dreams I had.

But that’s okay. I’ve been sleeping way too late some days. An extended winter can have that effect.

Speaking of late, it’s time for my first coffee. I probably won’t be functional until at least 1:00. Come to think of it, this day is probably shot. Maybe I’ll sit outside in the sun, even though it’s still freezing outside. I need something to pull me out of my current funk.

Between The Lines

Powered up
Ready to fly
Digits warm
Never shy

Crank the power
Don’t wanna miss
A single beat
Of aural bliss

Smooth and easy
It may seem
Frets or none
It’s not mainstream

Knock on wood
Flats and sharps
Mind be blown
There’s a harp

One man show
Will mesmerize
Just like magic
Be hypnotized

Pure euphoria
Prepare the ears
Something amazing
Soon will be here


I Lied

Remember how I said I can never choose just 1 song by any of my favorite artists?  Well, I can honestly say, while it’s close, this piece when performed by David Garrett manages to send my emotions into a complete 360, whilst testing the limits of my heartstrings each and every time.

I do hope he returns to the stage soon.  All of his ‘die-hard’ fans seriously miss him.

Finally, instead of a cheesy gif, I’ll just say this …