Battle of Battles

In the beginning
There was still light
A hint of hope
And a bit of fight

Days grow longer
Sleepless nights worse
Seconds become hours
It must be a curse

Let’s try plan A
See if it works
If not then plan C
B has too much quirk

Time endlessly drags
As years pass by
So does life
In barely a sigh

The seemingly endless
Void of pain
Steels all emotion
Numbing the brain

Victims will always
Expect the worst
Never to hope
The bubble might burst

Find that faith
There must be a way
To get back to life
With no more delay

Tackle the demons
With sharpest swords
There is a light
Thank the Lord



On a more serious subject, I want to talk about pain.

There are many different types, and levels of pain – as well as reasons.  All of it can be debilitating for most who suffer with it.  Some aren’t able to benefit from pain management.  No matter what the treatment, there seems to be no hope at times.

If you’ve never experienced extended periods of pain, it’s difficult to imagine the life of a person who suffers with it for nearly a lifetime.

Some pain disorders are still widely misunderstood, therefore extremely difficult to treat, leaving those who suffer in a terrible mental state.  It’s like a domino effect of sorts.

As someone who suffers with what is considered mild arthritic neck pain (others I know would consider it intolerable given the burning pins and needles type of pain that travels to my hands), I can sympathize with those who suffer chronic pain for years.  It wears a person down in all ways.

So, please, when you hear of a person who needs pain management, don’t always assume they’re an addict.  Pain is very real, regardless of its origin.

I am one of the insane few who chooses to not medicate.  Even when I have a blinding migraine, I’ll usually opt to just go to bed, instead of taking something.

And finally, one thing that definitely helps and lightens a person’s difficult day, whether or not they’re in pain, or enduring something else, ask them how they are, and offer them a warm smile and hug.