Easterly Wonder

Welcome aboard
This crazy dream
The following sequence
A recurring theme

Worded carefully
By a hostage of fear
Circumstances direct
Must yield and revere

Always so close
To easing an ache
Now within reach
It’s there to take

A guest of the host
And also the mate
Actions unexpected
Seemingly bait

Not to worry
Says the master
Let’s take a walk
My heart beats faster

Things take a turn
In lending a hand
Preparing the set
It will be grand

Out of the blue
Making me freeze
Surprising words
Get on your knees

Comically wide
My eyes just flicker
How to answer
I manage a snicker

Was it a joke
Or something true
It’s just my subconscious
Coming through

Scenery change
Quickly takes place
Taking a break
For air and space

Sitting down
For needed rest
It’s very brief
Next comes the test

Closing the gap
Between two zones
Stuttered breathing
Shivering bones

Jump to the start
The house is a mess
Things get weird
This feels like chess

Back and forth
You’re doing it wrong
Telling me how
I don’t belong

Making it right
I finally breathe
But then I wake
And now I seethe

Run to the loo
Then back to sleep
Fruitless tossing
Time to weep

It’s a miracle
I’m not insane
Chasing that dream
Creates great pain





Crazy In Love

Pure enticement
Begin with a stroke
Can’t resist
That which provokes

Take in hand
The object of desire
Just warming up
Fingers afire

The pulling of hair
Across steel cores
There’s no denying
You’ll beg for more

Back and forth
With steady pace
Increasing speed
The heart will race

That amazing thrill
When the end is near
Undeniable eruption
You’re sure to hear

Between The Lines

Powered up
Ready to fly
Digits warm
Never shy

Crank the power
Don’t wanna miss
A single beat
Of aural bliss

Smooth and easy
It may seem
Frets or none
It’s not mainstream

Knock on wood
Flats and sharps
Mind be blown
There’s a harp

One man show
Will mesmerize
Just like magic
Be hypnotized

Pure euphoria
Prepare the ears
Something amazing
Soon will be here