I think I’ve had to do it maybe twice, but I can’t remember what for.

Last night, in my dream of course, I was in detention for not finishing an essay.

It was totally funny because I was my current age, but back in grade school, with the nuns – and a teacher who scared me, tempted me, and all sorts of other things I won’t speak of here.

I wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom until the essay was finished, and I kept trying to find ways to sneak out of the classroom without the detention teacher noticing.  And once I did finally make it out, bells were ringing and this damn teacher was actively hunting me down.

And that’s what her face looked like by the time she got to me.  Then she calmly dragged me by the wrist, back to detention.  But now, the earth was about to split in half due to a huge volcano that instantly erupted in Yellowstone.  For some reason, that fear is always lurking in my subconscious.  And I live nowhere near Yellowstone.

The worst part is – my subconscious and memories at work here – I had actually finished the damn essay on time.  She just couldn’t see the words because I used a special pen that made the ink disappear.

Ugh.  I was a bad kid who loved provoking this particular teacher.  And my friends were even worse for narc’ing (sp?) on me.  Jerks!  They just got off on watching our hormonally imbalanced teacher going nuts on someone.


Coffee Bath

My laptop just got one.

I briefly hopped on Facebook to check a message a few minutes ago.  What’s the first thing in my news feed?  A specific ‘friendversary’ notification.  I’m not sure why Facebook does this, but it’s slightly awkward.  Especially for those who have … um ….. super enthusiastic friends.

I’m sure everyone can agree that being friend zoned completely sucks gigantic elephant trunk.  Not that I’M bothered by it, because I’M MARRIED.

Imagine my horror when I watched that nice little friendversary video preview that Facebook provides.  Especially since I’m almost 100% certain said friend was on Facebook right before me, and saw the same f*cking video!!!

And of course the end of the video says “Happy Cara & ______ Day!”

Since then, I’ve completely closed Skype, after having it on all morning, waiting to CHAT with said friend.  I’m now considering deleting my Skype account, and digging myself an early grave.

And finally, we really are just friends.  That’s all it’ll ever be…..

And with that last gif, I’m now in full asthmatic coughing mode.


PS: It is most definitely 5:00 somewhere!!!



In the beginning
There was a joy
A love so pure
In the eyes of a boy

Parents proud
Their middle so smitten
Who would’ve guessed
A future unwritten

Early discipline
Hours of pain
Childhood denied
Again and again

What once was innocent
Soon became
Living vicariously
Through someone else’s fame

A hint of promise
And hope still lingered
In a big heart
Mainly the fingers

Spreading wings
A new sense of self
Replaced and repressed
A lifetime of hell

No longer soft
Close the book
Charm the masses
Leave them shook

Narcissism at its best
Without a regret
Soon to follow
A terrible threat

Now on alert
Under order
Things aren’t what they seem
To the supporter

What will the future
Hold for a soul
Broken and terrified
Never again whole