At Least It Wasn’t Fever Dreams

But last night’s dreams could be classified as such, except I don’t have a fever, and the dreams were just weird – as per usual with me.  I’m so glad I have something to finally share!  I haven’t recalled many dreams lately, and that’s a bummer because I really like writing about my whacked subconscious.

The following might be out of chronological order because it’s so late in the day that my memory is fading.  So I need to get this out quickly before I go back to eating vicariously through mukbang YouTube videos. Continue reading

Barely There

First steps are like big scary demons for some people.  I’m one of those people.  But, I somehow managed to face the demon today, and took the first ginormous step in asking for help with my depression.  You can do it, too.  You deserve to be more than barely there, which is what I’ve been for the past few years. Continue reading