I Lied

Remember how I said I can never choose just 1 song by any of my favorite artists?  Well, I can honestly say, while it’s close, this piece when performed by David Garrett manages to send my emotions into a complete 360, whilst testing the limits of my heartstrings each and every time.

I do hope he returns to the stage soon.  All of his ‘die-hard’ fans seriously miss him.

Finally, instead of a cheesy gif, I’ll just say this …



On A Happier Note

Now that I’ve dried my tears (again), after viewing over an hour’s worth of George Michael videos, I need something which will make me cry happy tears.

I can never say enough about this man.  I used to say ‘there are no words‘.  But now I say ‘there aren’t enough words’.  There just aren’t.  His talent just ‘does it’ for me.  I’ve tried repeatedly to find distractions, to keep my mind off of him.  I’m still trying.  I think I’m making a bit of progress.  I’ve almost stopped crying over the fact that he probably isn’t coming back to my country to perform.

I leave with this – my favorite.

Shared with permission from the person who uploaded it to YouTube.