Extra Bizarro

That word always makes me laugh whenever I hear it.  I can’t remember where I originally heard it, but it’s one of my favorite word morphs.  Prepare yourself for bizarro.  Not just bizarre.  That’s too tame for my dreams early this morning.  Where do I even begin???  The following is all kinds of f*cked up.

Most of this dream cycle revolves around family, a party, and an extremely weird auction.  Continue reading

But You Can Never Leave

Most Eagles fans know the meaning behind Hotel California.  For the conspiracy theorists, it has many meanings.  When I was much younger, I always imagined mental illness, and checking into the hospital – forever.  I still think of that.  And early this morning, my horrific dreams made me think of that song. Continue reading

Stress Dreams

They can be just as whacked, if not worse than fever dreams.  And BOY were my dreams whacked last night.

The only starting point I can provide is being at a friend’s former house.  It was abandoned, and I was scoping the place out for some an upcoming documentary, and people I didn’t know were there helping me.  I remember telling general stories about each of the rooms, until we made our way into a hidden attic.  This is where the bizarre begins. Continue reading