Wishers Beware

Have you ever had a wish list so weird, you lose friends?  I shared this mug, and swear two people disappeared from my Facebook friends list.

O M F G, that is a huge mug – originally a ginormous gif, but recently edited because I figured it out!  It’s a link from Amazon.  I swear!  It would be awesome if the mug was actually that big.  I totally want it.  I apologize for nothing.  And those two people claim they deactivated.

Then I saw this, and I really need it because I love candles. It’s just too damn cute!

This was even more obnoxiously huge…

And because I’m getting very scared of the sizes of these gifs and preview pictures from Amazon, I’ll only post one more, for the sake of not pissing off my readers.

Dean Winchester’s talisman

Thank GOD it’s not that big.  Otherwise Dean might say

That said, I’m off to add to my weird wish list, in hopes that hubby might at least buy me the coffee mug.


PS: I had a tough time finding a non SpongeBob naughty gif.  People scare me sometimes.