Dream Journal #2

PS: I remembered something! The basic gist consists of my parents being in the dream. We’re driving ‘home’ (their house) from somewhere. It’s a long ass trip, so there were frequent stops.

One particular stop is for something to eat. My mom and I go in. But when we walk in, there’s no food. Instead, it’s like some weird, dark indoor garage sale, with many different rooms. My dad is waiting outside in the van.

I somehow lose track of my mom as I’m looking at miniature collectible porcelain animal figurines. I see one of my old dog, Pepper. As I’m looking for a price, I realize there are tons of books and posters everywhere, and that my mom was carrying a bunch of books for me to read.

The ceilings must’ve been 50 feet high, and the walls are lined with shelves and shelves of books. I recall feeling very overwhelmed by it in my sleep. And then I’m looking for food. But by the time I find the counter to order a burger and fries, my dad suddenly appears, and says we must go. No time for food…

… I’m still not sure about this. Depending on the dream(s), there may be some days when I don’t journal. In that case, just assume the worst. That’s to avoid the men in white.

Remember how I said I would need to go back and edit an entry if I remembered another part of my dreams? Screw that. I’ll just add a PS: at the beginning of the next entry – just to confuse the living hell out of everyone.

Today, my bladder woke me. I woke up quite pissed – no pun intended – because I really wanted to sleep in before school tomorrow. Well, at least I can go back to sleep after my son gets on the bus. More dreams! Oh yay.

After rubbing the excruciating pain from my shoulder (I slept in one bloody position), I did my thing, returned to the comfort of my warm fluffy bed – the comforter is fluffy, not my bed – and quickly grabbed the closest thing to me so I could record my dreams.

Since I don’t sleep right, it amazes me that I even dream, let alone remember anything. Quite often, I’ll remember random bits and pieces throughout the day. Oh, this might actually be fun!

My dream consisted of my parents again, at their house. There was some remodeling going on. I was outside assessing how many holes were in the rotting shingles/siding, when I noticed that the neighbor’s house had been bought – not my best friend’s parents’ house, the other neighbor. That house was being demolished to make room for a new, 2 story house. When it was finished, we were invited to have a look.

Quick interjection, before I forget – distant music was playing in my dreams, and the construction workers were randomly dancing whilst up on the scaffolding!

For some reason, the new owners had kept some of the old furniture, and had some really old chairs on display in the front room. Meanwhile, their eldest son – who was mute, or something – was silently sat at the dining room table, with his head bowed.

When I asked him a question, I was suddenly alone in the house with him. I think I asked him where the bathroom was, because that’s when I woke up.

Freaking bathroom dreams again…


Locks of gold
Orbs of light
Manicured digits
Presence excites

Veiled countenance
Confident stance
Enchanting energy
Provoking a trance

Resentfully sharp
Prowler beware
Gone in an instant
Much like a hare

Such beauty should be
Observed with respect
Lest it transform
In attempt to deflect

Listen don’t look
Wise words train
For those who take heed
Glorious sound shall remain

Original poem by Cara Krzyzanowski 18 August 2017



Have you ever gotten to a point to where you just can’t settle down enough to relax?  Do you have trouble falling asleep?  Are you anxious?  Your mind is racing, perhaps?

WARNING:  If you have misophonia, then stop right now.  What I’m about to recommend is NOT for anyone with misophonia.

For the those who don’t have sensitive ears, this may interest you.

Not long ago, I discovered something called ASMR.  It was by accident, when I was watching a YouTubers react video.  Phil Lester mentioned something about ASMR.  I had never heard of it.  Naturally, I Googled it, and found MANY videos.

Have you ever heard a sound close to your ears, and it made you shiver?  This is basically what ASMR is.  Except better.  Especially when you use earphones or ear buds.

The first ASMR video I encountered was this.


Masking tape was the first trigger for me.  If you don’t know what a trigger is, it’s basically whatever triggers your response – your shiver, or, as these ASMR community calls it, your tingle.  And believe me, once you experience that tingle, you will want more.

Since ASMR Darling has a more gentle approach, I began to search for something stronger – the male voice.  Even though these YouTubers whisper, there’s something about a male voice that triggers a bigger response.  Female voices only give me a mild tingle – usually in the back of my head.

This guy gave me a little bit more.

Pardon my example.  It’s his latest upload.  This one is one of his better ones, because he gets closer to the microphone.

Then there’s this.

First of all, what a cutie!  But WOW, does he give me tingles!  All the way down to my tailbone.  His whispering voice is deep, and he really knows how to work Frank, his 3D microphone.

But it’s not only tingles you can experience with ASMR!  If you’re one of those who gets into the zone with music, then this will almost definitely put you in a trance-like state – if it doesn’t outright put you to sleep.