Hack Hack … Cough Cough

Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally…

Oh, wait a minute.  That is the acronym (is that the correct word?!) for mathematical order of operations!  WHOOPS!  Wrong ‘Please excuse ….’ phrase.  Sorry.  My brain fell out.  It’s the holidays.  What did you expect?!

Please excuse my sneezes and belches as I restructure my life … I mean, blog.

Some of my former readers knew me under a different domain – Living Through My Music.  It was a free domain.  But I started to feel like it wasn’t quite as free as I would’ve liked it to be.  Pesky ads!

This time, I’ve actually paid for this site, and now I have a few more options.  Just an FYI though – I’ve decided to change up my game a little bit.

Some of my old content was not very thought out.  As with real life, there were many times where I would just say what was on my mind, without considering the consequences.  So I deleted everything.  I think I’ll save most of my ranting for social media … maybe.  Don’t get me wrong though!  I may still do that here on occasion.  Just not as often, and hopefully more sober.

SO, as I recover from the holidays – they’re not over yet! – I will be taking my time in designing my site.  Hopefully sooner than later.

See you soon!

PS:  There’s a scary dude in a space suit at the top of my dashboard.  I believe I’ll be doing some serious ‘appearance’ editing very soon, once I return to my actual PC.

PPS:  For crying out loud.  I don’t even have a site title!