About Mamacita

My love for music is considered slightly obsessive. I love it, and my favorite artists more than life itself. Writing and photography fight for a close 2nd place. Me? Meh. I'm managing. But I've been slacking. Time to get back to life, though. Baby steps.....

So Close!

Brace yourselves.  I had a very, um, weird dream last night.  It involved black robes, hoods, boots, giving up any material possessions that we might turn to for comfort in desperate times, and new members of a secret society were required to have a male & female mentor of sorts, and we weren’t allowed to ever mention the rites they practiced if I ever hoped to get a job with any of the hundreds of corporations they own. Continue reading

No Such Thing

When you ask for advice about auto repairs, it shouldn’t surprise me when people say ‘mechanics who don’t rip you off don’t exist’.  Yet I continue to ask, regardless.  And, I continue to be shocked one persons A and B say “Joe is awesome and he doesn’t screw you over”, but persons C and D say the opposite, and that they took Joe to court for damaging their vehicles.

Why is this the case?  And why, every time I take a vehicle in for a repair, something else goes wrong within a week?  Even with my NEW vehicle, which is less than a year old!  It says something about mechanics in general when they say 3 different things are wrong, and then you take it to the dealer, and they say nothing is wrong.

Can anyone else relate to the auto mechanics scam industry???  I’m almost 100% positive I’m not the only one who experiences this crap.

This Cracks Me Up

After years of dealing with drama, jerks, and other things, a person reaches a point, and just starts laughing whenever shit starts.  Like this morning, when a local gal lowkey told me I shouldn’t breed because being too strict with my kids triggers anxiety about my own childhood, and how diabolically strict my mother was.

I didn’t even bother with a retort in the comments.  I just kept scrolling through all the catty comments and arguing back and forth about how absolutely wrong it is to spy on your children – i.e. installing keystroke programs on the computer, same with their cellphones, to monitor all of their text messages.  Or even worse, putting tracking chips in their clothing and/or every single pair of footwear they own. Continue reading