Beyond Weird … And Slightly Dirty

Someone shoot me.  Certain dreams shouldn’t happen.  Maybe I just need a lobotomy.  Or a vacation … from life.

A certain person has a sort-of long time significant other, and they were in my dreams last night.  Don’t worry.  It wasn’t totally inappropriate.  I was just taking a break, laying on their mattress, which was on the basement floor.  And didn’t know it was their mattress.  I thought it was mine.  But when they figured out I was laying on it … total freak out and weird blushing ensued.  Like excuse me.  I could be your mom.  You need to leave.  NOW.  And now I need to shower because I don’t know what’s on your mattress.

And now that I’m awake, I really do need a shower, because I feel so dirty right now, I could gouge my own brain out and rip off a few skin layers.

But back to the dream.  I was at my parents’ house, helping them with spring cleaning.  In the middle of all that, we were preparing the basement for a remodel so that it could be a living space for my daughter when she returned from college.  What we didn’t know was she was bringing her boyfriend with her.  But that’s fine because they’ve been together forever.

There’s not much else to the dream because I didn’t want to go back to sleep once I was awake.  Besides, I was hungry, and my back was shot from sleeping on my stomach most of the night.  Fun times.

Time for coffee.

And a much needed brain reset.

Soooooo Good

As I constantly look for ways to de-stress, relax, and deal with many other things, I find myself repeatedly turning to ASMR – something I haven’t done in a few days.  That’s what happens when I get distracted by something new, like mukbang.

But today, my favorite ASMRtist uploaded, and OMG the tingles went clear down my spine, and into my tailbone! 😻

Of all the ASMR I’ve listened to, Michael (ASMR Zeitgeist) is by far my favorite.  His creativity not only continues to be fresh and original, but the tingles (chills???) he gives me are the best.  I’m not sure whether it’s his equipment, or the way he uses it, but I can’t seem to get the same intense tingles from other ASMRtists.  And NO, that’s not meant to be sexual!  So, stop.

But yes.  I’m a huge fangirl, and a terrible cougar. Guilty.  Shoot me.  😂  He’s very easy on the eyes, and very talented with his microphone.  😉

Back to coping with stress, anxiety, and depression.  I was thinking of utilizing some of my many adult coloring books people have given me (example here) while listening to ASMR, but something tells me I might make a lot of mistakes due to the intensity of a lot of the ASMR I listen to.  So I’ll stick to zonking out in my chair, and save the coloring books for another time.


PS:  I made several mistakes writing this very entry while listening to the above video!  HAHA

The Perfect Description

Sorry, folks.  No dreams today.  None that I recall at least.  But that can be a good thing for me lately.  Especially with my dreams.

Today is just a general brief entry.

But before I get started, I’d just like to ask one thing: Do people actually donate to those Facebook birthday causes??? Continue reading

This Is Sad

In the weight loss world, every day is a struggle.  Between life and triggers, losing each pound seems like pulling teeth.  And it feels like an eternity for some.

In a recent post on a social media group – which is run and monitored by administrators – I asked about mukbang, and if anyone has had success with appetite suppression via watching mukbang videos.  An hour or so ago, my post was approved, and someone commented.  But I didn’t get to see the comment because I was busy.  However, it was in my notifications.

Any regular social media user knows how notifications work.

To my surprise, my post was removed within minutes of being approved.  While I have not questioned the administrator of the group, I can only imagine what the comment was on my post, and the reason why the post was removed.

I can understand that videos about eating can be triggering, but don’t the rules of the internet state that if you don’t like something, keep scrolling?  I wasn’t trying to trigger anyone.  I was simply trying to suggest that maybe watching eating videos can help curb the appetite.  But I guess I’m more wrong than right, since my post was removed.  But that’s fine.  No big deal.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to eat vicariously through mukbang videos, without actually eating … because I’m not easily triggered by food, and have self control… not that I’m criticizing anyone.  I’m just saying.

Rant over.