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L…O…N…G Break

Given current global circumstances, can you blame me for the extended absence?

This quarantine crappola has created so much hostility & more division than ever before, it truly makes me want to hibernate until the end of time .. whenever that’ll be.  Not that I’m immortal or anything – because I’ve almost died at least twice in my life – but I’m just saying. Continue reading

Is Everyone Okay?

Social distancing sucks.  Wait.  Did I just actually say that?  Am I possessed?  Nah.  I’ll chalk it up to feeling bad for those who can never sit still, and are constantly on the go with travel, sports, and what not.

I’M okay though.  I’m used to staying in my house for days on end.  Unless I’m desperate for liquor, of course.  Then all I need to do is drive one mile away to get to the closest store for that.  No biggie.

Have any of you noticed weight gain?  Why am I gaining?  I’m not doing anything different.  Sympathetic weight gain perhaps?  I’m not going to point fingers, but I’m not the only one with a few extra pounds.  It’s time to start counting points again.

It’s not that difficult, except for when I crave bread and chicken wings.  You know those Facebook quizzes that ask what ONE FOOD you’d take with you to live out the rest of your life at a deserted island? Well, chicken wings is mine.  I need meat.  In most cases, deserted islands have fruit trees.  And I don’t know about y’all, but I could live with that situation.

Why am I writing??? Oh, yeah. I’m checking on everyone to make sure nobody has murdered anyone within their own homes.

How’s your hair?  Resorted to a buzz cut yet?  My son actually loves his buzz cut.  Now he wants to be shaved every other week.  I guess sensory issues has a little bit to do with his dislike of hair. Thank goodness we’ve had a set of professional clippers for a while now.

That’s a freakishly long thumb.  And why does it spring up like that?  Don’t answer that.  I’ve seen enough disturbing things on the internet for one day.

Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands.  Oh, and don’t touch your face!



Not Gonna Judge .. Not Gonna Judge

But I did have nightmares about one of my phobias last night.  Well, make that three.  On third thought, make that four.  And when I was watching a few of my shows last night, I told my husband that I would definitely be having nightmares.  Hence why I was up until 4 a.m. reading until my eyelids finally rebelled and involuntarily closed. Continue reading