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Inside My Own Head

I’ve been busy, but I haven’t.  Don’t ya love it?  I do!  Isn’t that what life is all about?  Yes and no at the same time?  Generally speaking of course.  But I’ve been busy … busy thinking about what I’m going to paint next, or what I want to sell, or if I want to actually leave my house to actually go look for things to sell.  It’s exhausting, yet exhilarating. Continue reading

People Can And DO Change

This is a positive, open letter to Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, Tati Westbrook, and MANY other YouTubers who have been under negative scrutiny.  Not just the beauty community.  Things need to be said, and it’s certain many others feel the same.  Cancel culture needs to stop.  It’s useless and pointless. Continue reading

L…O…N…G Break

Given current global circumstances, can you blame me for the extended absence?

This quarantine crappola has created so much hostility & more division than ever before, it truly makes me want to hibernate until the end of time .. whenever that’ll be.  Not that I’m immortal or anything – because I’ve almost died at least twice in my life – but I’m just saying. Continue reading